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MED-Q says, Upgrade your old Auto pill dispenser with Locks

MedQ Upgrade your old auto pill dispenser with locks


MedQ Pill dispenser is an Upgraded auto pill dispenser with locks

auto pill dispenser with locks
auto pill dispenser with locks

Now you don’t need posti-notes to remember your pills. No need for an old fashion auto pill dispenser with locks. First, A “Smart” Pill Reminder helps Mom to remember to take her pills. Second, an auto pill dispenser with locks is no longer the best way. Third, a pill dispenser with flashing as well, as  beeping, alarms is far better.  Finally, MED-Q Smart Pill box is the first line of defense for good heath and independence

The fact of the matter is,  one-half of all Americans take their medication at the wrong time.  In addition, at the wrong dosage, or simply forget altogether.  Moreover, This data was supplied in a 2014 study released by the New England Healthcare Institute  (PDF).

Medication box is easy to handle for even the most frail hands.  

auto pill dispenser with locksFirst of all, when it’s pill time, a bright red light flashes in the individual pillbox compartment holding that times dose.  You can prevent Mom forgetting pills with the aid of LED LITE-BOX Technology.  To sum up, this is not your Grandma’s old fashion Pillbox.

A Smart Pill Reminder keeps Mom at Home

If Your Mom is typical, her biggest fear is not death.  Mom’s biggest fear is moving out of her home.  This is the ultimate dose of reality.  The American Hospital Association has estimated that a full 25% of assisted living facilities admits are premature.  The cause, medication errors.  A smart medication timer can keep Mom in her own home for as long as possible.

  Place her pills in the daily Pill boxes. Set you Personal times, “once or twice a day” and Our Smart Medication Box repeats it’s Triple Alarms every day at the programmed times.   Reminds and Guides. You can make forgetting, double/triple dosing or even worse a thing of the past. 

MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder keeps mom from forgetting medication.

auto pill dispenserThe Smart Pill Organizer was designed for the special needs of Early and Middle Stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The Alzheimer’s Association recommends that a Pill reminder should be the first decision for management of prescriptions.  Med-Q Smart Pill isn’t the old auto pill dispenser with locks.

Upgrade to something better than an auto pill dispenser with locks

If you are using a auto pill dispenser with locks time to upgrade.  Simply put,  if you need an auto pill dispenser with lock mechanism you are in trouble.  Modern technology is an improvement over a pill dispenser that mist lock to prevent mistakes.  Using a 21st century pill dispenser, you can get rid of the locks

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auto pill dispenser with locks
MED-Q auto pill dispenser

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