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The Top 3 reasons Seniors aren’t taking Meds as directed

The Top 3 reasons Seniors aren’t taking Meds as directed


A Prescription Medication Reminders for Elderly men and women is a  medication safety must.  First of all, forgetting to take  medication doses will have serious impact on  senior’s health and independence.  Taking prescription medication as directed by the health care professional is an area of health that older adults and family caregivers are able to take control of. Fact, Seniors who are  skipping medication doses on purpose is shockingly high.

Newly released  reports show that over 45 Percent of medications prescribed for chronic diseases aren’t taken as directed.   The need for an auto medication reminder can not be underestimated.

Missing Medication is not like misplacing car keys

First, Medication compliance is a big  problem .  Second missing medication doses leads to some serious medical consequences for seniors.   Third,  it causes about 120 thousand deaths and up to 9 percent  of hospitalizations in 2015.   In a New York Times article, Jane E. Brody tells us the  3 top reasons why people purposely don’t take their ills.  Furthermore,  why it’s critical to take pills as prescribed. MED-Q Smart Medication Reminder with Alarms summarize main points from the article.  In addition, we offer up suggestions for what to do if seniors aren’t able to take medication.  Both from financial as well as other reasons.pill organizers

Seniors are taking large amounts  of medicine

Seniors have a condition called AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  This is a normal part of getting older.  AIMM‘s is no a for of dementia or Alzheimer’s. The Top 3 reasons Seniors aren’t taking Meds as directed To illustrate, for older adults and their caregivers, medication management is a big part of life. On average, people over 65 take 13 – 17 different prescription  a year. To sum up, this’s a lot of pills for anyone to manage!

Good medication management is critical for good  health and Independence

For health as well as Independence,   it’s critically important to take your prescription medications and supplements as directed by your health care professional.  This being said, medication regimens can be very complicated.

Here of some common senior problems:

Managing medication is a challenge for caregivers too. With everything that’s going on, it’s hard to remember if you gave mom her morning pill or if dad already took his once-a-week pill on Monday. Using a medication reminder with alarms will make it easier to track  meds.  Finally, a simple way to see if doses have already been taken.Smart automatic pill dispenser alarm reminder

Medication Reminder with Alarm can help to keep seniors on track

A well-designed medication reminder with alarm is a lifesaver.  Especially for  seniors as well as their family caregivers!  It’s simple to see which meds need to be taken at what time.   The newest medication reminders are ;programmable with built in alarms and flashing guides.  These new pill reminders  will cut down on accidental over- or under-dosing.

Reasons Seniors aren’t taking Meds as prescribed

To sum up, for most people smart medication reminder will solve the problem.  In fact, this is the best solution for caregivers.  First, to set up the medication reminder with alarm. Second, fill the pill reminder.  Third wait for the alarms to tell you it’s pill time.  More advanced organizers even come with reminder alarms or locks to prevent accidental overdosing.


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