Caregiver stress reduction

Suggest methods for Caregiver stress reduction

Question: How can I possibly reduce my stress symptoms? I have been having a racing heart, shortness of breath, and headaches everyday for the last three weeks. I am in college, so that is definitely the reason I am stressed, with classes and social activities.
I try to do yoga and eat healthy foods.
Any suggestions?

Caregivers experience a level of stress that they were not prepared for.

Caregiver burn out can be more than depressing, it could be fatal.

I read your query and understand your concerns.

First of all I feel you are right to state that you have stress symptoms. Presence of racing of heart (palpitations), breathlessness and constant headache in absence of any other symptom indicates possibility of distress which can be called abnormal form of stress. Although you are taking measures to control your stress but presence of symptoms despite these measures indicates that yoga and healthy foods are not sufficient. In other words there is need to do more considering the disastrous effect of stress on your well being.

I am writing down few of the strategies that will help you in management of stress leading to reduction of your anxiety which includes healthy eating among others.

1. Diet: Ensure intake of adequate quantity of fiber. 2 servings of vegetable salad and 2 servings of fruits (One preferable citrus fruit). proper diet does miracles and rejuvenates.
Avoid junk food and fast food especially pizza, burgers and excessive sweets

2. Ensure adequate water intake: Recommended intake of water is 2 to 3 litre a day. Insufficient intake of water could be a contributing factor in causation of symptoms.

3. Early morning Exercise: Brisk walking for 30 minutes at a stretch preferably in garden will be very helpful. Walking is the best exercise, it also promotes release of Endorphins( naturally occurring pain killers released in brain) which causes mood elevation and generalised feeling of well being.
There is no need to go to gym or use any expensive workout instruments.

4. Avoid tea/coffee/ nicotine and alcoholic beverages: If at all you want to drink something, drink fresh lime water. It is very much refreshing.

5. Start your day with a glass of Lemon water with 2 spoons of honey added. have a good breakfast.

6. Don’t take work so seriously: We all have the feeling to excel in our respective fields and don’t spend adequate time with our own self trying to understand our own needs.
Spend time with your family and friends.

7. While working take frequent regular breaks: Taking regular breaks will not waste the time, but it will definitely increase the productivity, concentration and reasoning.
Close your eyes and rotate the eye balls for couple of minutes

8. Avoid late night socialization

9. Avoid starring for longer time at the computer screen or TV for longer time

10. Steam inhalation before going to sleep will be very refreshing

11. Meditation and Yoga

Wishing you a very happy and healthy life
Thanks again.

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