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  1. […] Summing up, medication will not work if not taken properly. First and foremost, it is up to the user to take their prescriptions.   Programmable Pill  Dispenser uses triple Alarms to make sure Heart Medication is not forgetting or miss-dosed.  A modern, programmable pill  dispenser, is the best pill box with alarms that you can buy.  Don’t wait, buy your MED-Q Medication Management System today. Overall, Caregivers need to take care of themselves before they can help any one else.  Lastly, MED-Q Automatic Pill Reminder with alarms to avoid caregiver burn out and Physical and Financial Consequences […]

  2. […] prescription Medication reminder with alarms repeats every 30 Minutes automatically.   No more Time, Day or Dose Decisions. No more forgetting or over-dosing with Med-Q Smart Medication […]

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