Pill Reminder Alarm System and other Medication Management Tips

Pill Reminder Alarm System and other Medication Management Tips to Help SENIORS

 Keeping medicines straight can be difficult for seniors

negative reactions to medicationFirst,  picking up one’s prescriptions medications is the beginning,   Second of all,  your older adult’s medications and supplements are only the tip of the iceberg for keeping healthy.  Taking all medications as prescribed by your Health care Professional is critical.  In fact,  it is truly essential for keeping seniors as healthy, comfortable, and independent.

To sum up, the goal keeps these  as possible. It has been know to be fatal to take the wrong pills.  Again, too much of a certain pill and not enough of an other.  Even the wrong combinations can be deadly .   The key, an pill reminder alarm system , an electronic pill reminder or some type of auto medication dispenser.

MED-Q pill reminder alarm system

Using a medication reminder alarm system is the first step in achieving the best outcome.  As the surgeon general, C Everett Kopp once said, “Medication can not work if you don;t take it.  The World Health Organization has stated that up to 90% of seniors make regular medication mistakes.  A simple pill reminder system can immediately solve  pr.  Get a pill box with flashing guides and beeping audio reminder.

Sponsored By MED-Q  pill reminder alarm system

 pill reminder alarm system
med-q pill reminder alarm system

Why seniors have trouble with medication management

Even if they’re mostly independent, seniors men and women often have a difficult time with taking their medicine correctly. First, they forget.  Second, the miss dose.  Finally, they are always playing a game of “catch up”.

Reasonsfor Medication Non-Compliance include:

  • First, Complicated medication regiment
  • Second, Lots of different medications to take
  • Third, What time to take them
  • Drug names are hard to remember ooreectly
  • Vision problems –the print is too small for seniors eyeys
  • Language barriers – not able to read well in English
  • Not using a smart pill reminder alarm system
  • Finally, They can’t hear the alarm

Quality of life correlates to Good medication management

First, medication management is critical for for health.  Second, it’s needed for  health and safety.  Third, it’s critically important to take all medications exactly as prescribed by your health care professional.  Hence, medication regimens can be very complicated.

The top 4  issues that seniors experience:

  • For example, forgetting to take medication at the proper time
  • To Illustrate,mMistakenly taking too many pills at the same time
  • Again, prematurely taking doses 
  • In addition, getting their different types of  pills confused

Managing medication is also a challenge for caregivers

Caregivers have a busy life.  Work, family and a social life.  Therefore,  it’s hard to remember if you gave Dad his AM pill.  Example, did Mom take her once-a-week pill on Sunday?  Using a smart pill reminder system alarm system makes it easy to keep track of meds.  Hence, it tells you if doses have already been taken.  Relying on a 21st Century pill organizer is a true lifesaver for many seniors.  In fact, for their caregivers as well.  . It’s easy to see which pills need to be taken at what time. It also cuts down on accidental over- or under-dosing.  For most people, the best solution is for caregivers to set up the pill organizer once a week / month. The newest medication reminder come with Flashing Guides and audio  reminder alarms.

pill reminderFor example,  four pill reminder alarm system to chose from

 MED-Q Smart Medication Reminder System

  • Cost: $99.95
  • In addition, flashing LITE-Box Technology and Escalating Audio Alarms
  • Holds two doses per day for 7 days or 1 dose per day for 14 days

 Apex 7-day Medplan Pill Organizer

  • Cost: $9.50
  • The  most basic pill remdner for seniors who take medication up to 4 times per day

 MedSenter 1 Month  Pill Reminder System

  • Cost: $55.50
  • Good for tech savvy seniors who are able to operate the reminder system.
  • Furthermore, it can hold 31 days of medications up to 4 times per day

GMS Medlert  Auto Pill Reminder and Auto Pill Dispenser

  • Cost: Under 70 Dollars
  • First of all, Good for seniors with cognitive memory problems and other forgetting issues
  • Locks with a special key to prevent accidentally taking extra medication
  • White cover to the pills aren’t visible
  • In conclusion, Has 28 compartments for 1 weeks worth of medication, up to four times daily
  •  Medication Reminder System
    MED-Q Medication Reminder System

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