The best electronic pill dispenser is a personal choice.

  First of all, what to look for when buying. There are multiple factors to take into consideration. America’s Best Electronic Medication Dispenser with alarms , suggest you read this.  Moreover, this info will help to decide which features are the most important.  For example, the features must fit into  you or your loved one’s personal needs. This will help you decide if this type of automatic pill dispenser for the elderly is the one for you . In choosing the best electronic medication reminder with alarms. To sum up, There are many factors to consider when deciding what is the  best kind of electronic pill dispenser for the elderly

What is the Best Automatic Pill Dispenser for seniors?

2 Factors that make up a Prescription Dispenser’s capacity

First, the total number of pillbox compartments.  Second, how many pills does the pillbox compartment hold.  The pill dispenser is loaded with one or two weeks worth of pills.   Some of the more complicated pill dispenser with alarm work by rotating trays in side the automatic pill dispenser. Each slot holds a dose of pills. The larger the slot, the more pills it holds.

The total number of slots ( pill compartments) is important.  Hence theses slots sets how often the pill dispensing machine will need to be refilled. Here is a good way to think about it.. If a tray has 30 slots and the senior takes pills 10 times per day, you must refill the electronic medication dispenser for the elderly every 3 days. Again, make certain the caregiver will refill the medication dispenser as needed. To sum up,  best kind of pill dispenser with alarm for senior men and women is one that is user friendly and doesn’t have to be messed with.


First of all, the average senior takes 6-9 prescription medications every day.  If the senior takes the average number of  pills,  any automatic reminder with alarm would be okay.  However,  if they take very big tablets or lots of pills, choose a electronic pill dispensers for the elderly with larger compartments.  Finally, use the proper size.  For example,  if pills are forced in the compartments they could break or rupture.

Programming the automatic pill dispenser with alarms

The way to program each dispenser with alarm will vary. It is important to find an automatic pill dispenser with alarms that is capable of reminding you the number of times per day that is needed.  Some of these products for the elderly remind up to six times per day. Some can only remind 1 time per day.

The set up needs to be user friendly.  In fact, if you are able to program the TV or the  microwave you should be just fine. Once the medication reminder times have been set, the pill dispenser machine saves the information.

 electronic pill dispenser with alarms
Med-Q is America’s #1 Smart automatic pill dispenser

A few electronic dispensers for the elderly will also sound an alarm. To illustrate, program the kind of alarm sounds you like.  Some of these medication dispensers  can adjust the  length of time that the alarm sounds. This is important if the senior has hearing issues.  Seniors who are  hard of hearing  need a electronic pill dispenser with alarms that gives them a little help with hearing the alarm sounds.

 electronic pill dispenser with alarms
Med-Q is the best pill dispenser with alarms

Different Kinds of Alarms and Reminders

blasting alarm is required to remind  seniors that it is time to take their life saving medications.. Some dispensers give the users a choice of different kinds of alarm.  Furthermore, other products have juts the most  basic of alarms sounds. Others have added flashing LITE-BOX guides to how the seniors which pills to take. Unless the user has significant hearing loss, basic alarms of these automatic dispenser are fine. In addition, how the senior turns the alarm  off after the pills have been taken should be examined.

What to do with Missed Dosages

What happens if a senior takes a handful of pills?  When considering the use of an electronic pill dispenser with alarms, have a plan on the way to address missed dosages. To sum up,  missed doses happens much less frequently with an electronic pill dispenser than if manually taking medications.

Some of the electronic pill dispensers use a system of rotating trays.  First, these trays will line up pills with a  closed door. Only the one dosage is available at a time behind the closed door.  In the event that the user misses taking the dose at medication time, the missed dose will rotate the pill dispenser back in side of the pill dispenser machine. It is impossible to open the automatic medication pill dispenser without the locking key.

Some of the Security Features

The electronic medication reminder with alarms can give seniors  some level of security. First, elderly men and women often get easily agitated,  Second, seniors are curious and often want to open the electronic pill dispenser with alarms. Third, this is not a good idea.  To sum up, this would give them easy access to the pills.  Finally, this could lead to the dangers of overdosing. Look for a locking, timed electronic pill box for the elderly that is solidly built and offers

Some electronic pill dispensers for the elderly are continuously powered through an AC adapter cord and some use batteries. If you hate buying batteries, look for one that uses an AC power cord. Most of these also have batteries for backup for times that the power goes out.

med-q pill reminder with alarm
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