Med-q pill reminder alarm system for High Blood pressure

Med-q pill reminder alarm system helps you Take personal responsibility for High Blood Pressure

Take personal responsibility for your heart health.Time to Take responsibility for your Heart’s good health.

Can the med-q pill reminder alarm system prevent Heart Disease?  The simple answer, yes. First of all, Cardiovascular disease issue of the biggest cause of death in America.  Furthermore,  35% of all deaths.  In fact,  many deaths come. Hence,  nearly all of the deaths are premature. This is down from 39% from 40 years ago.  The reason,  mainly due to treatment of common risk factors with medication in your pillbox.. In the event that you have diabetes, the risk leaps dramatically. The best wat to prevent against heart disease and stroke is to have a good understand the risks as well as the different treatment options. In conclusion, t biggest risk factor  is ignorance as well as  misinformation. The first step,  take responsibility for your own personal  health.

Take Your Prescription Medications as Directed

  • The newest blood pressure prescriptions medications are a true miracle.  Problems that were a death sentence 30-40 years ago are now manageable.  In fact, many are even curable.  A smart Pill box with reminder is key in proper medication compliance.  A pillbox like the med-q pill reminder alarm system is a great home medication reminder.  Flashing guides and beeping reminders makes it virtually impossible to make medication errors.  To sum up, blood pressure medication does not work if you don;t take it as directed.

Sponsored By Med-Q  pill reminder alarm system for High Blood Pressure

med-q pill reminder alarm system
med-q pill reminder alarm system
high blood pressure
High Blood Pressure

Know what the different risks are

  • The biggest risk factor of  cardiovascular disease is simple age.  Hence, – the older you are, the bigger the chances of developing the illness. The second,   genetic make-up.  The progress in genomics research is promising.  This being said, , gene testing is still in it’s infancy. But, Med-Q Smart Pillbox with alarms says,  “Family history is a poor persons gene test . Troy Halbrett,, Med-Q Pill box Reginald Manger ssays, ” People have long known that if  parents, grandparents,as well as relatives were afflicted with or died of heart disease, diabetes or stroke, your chances are much,much higher.

 Stop smoking and/or being around second-hand smoke.

  • First, The evidence is overwhelming.   Hence, smoking  increases the risks of heart disease, lung disease, peripheral vascular disease.  In addition, a debeltauing or fatal stroke.  The same applies to exposure to second-hand  smoke.

high blood pressureKeep a good and healthy blood pressure.

  • High blood pressure (HBP) has been term end hypertension by the medical community.  Also, HBP iscalled  “the silent killer”.  The reason, there are no symptoms in most men and women.  High blood pressure leads to excessive “wear and tear”  of the delicate  lining inside of the blood vessels. In fact,  higher  blood pressure (BP)means greater  risk. The risk begins to increase from a pressure of 115/70 mmHg and doubles for each 10 mmHg increase in systolic (the biggerr #) and 5 mmHg increase in the diastolic (the smaller#). Your Family History and getting older will increase the chances. Try taking your blood pressures at home .  This will usually show a s more accurate reading.   It is worth the money to get a home blood pressure kit.
  • Do not totally  rely only on the doctor’s readings.  Many people suffer from “white coat” hypertension.  Hence,  BP is high at the doctor’s office. Others people have what is called, “masked” hypertension.  Tghis is  BP that is higher when not at the doctor. Prognosis is best related to home BP. But for home blood pressure readings, you should not use finger or wrist units – only regular upper arm units.

Blood Pressure control needs tools like the Med-q pill reminder alarm system

med-q pill reminder alarm system
med-q pill reminder alarm system
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