help with Your Blood Pressure Medication

Need help with Your Blood Pressure Medication

Need help with Your Blood Pressure Medication?

Blood pressure medication is so vital to your health.  Making a habit of skipping doses can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Med-Q Electronic Medication Reminder with alarm and timer offers these pointer.  The goal, stay on track with meds as well as keep control  hypertension.

First, it is hard to  remember to take your blood pressure medication as prescribed.  However,  it’s critical for your health that you do: First, find out if you  have high blood pressure, or hypertension.,   If you do, there are many different medications can lower blood pressure.  Hence, lower blood pressure can prevent serious health conditions.  For example,  heart attack, stroke, kidney disease.  Finally, it will help to control of prevent congestive heart failure.

What does it mean to Forget to take meds.

First of all, it is almost time for the next dose.  Hence, if you skip the dose and take the next dose when it is due. Otherwise, take it as soon as yo remember.  Finally, go back to taking the medicine as directed. Do not take a double dose to make up for the dose that you missed. To sum up, never take an extra dose to try to catch up.

What is the best Habit for taking Prescription Blood Pressure Medication

If you often skip doses of your blood pressure medication , get a Med-Q Electronic Medication Reminder with alarm and timer.  In short, if you don't take the medications as directed, hypertension will start to get out of control. Med-Q Medication Reminder provides the following pointers.  Again, these tips  help you remember to take your pills as directed by the healthcare professional.

First, Understand why you’re taking high blood pressure medication.

Take a step backward and say to yourself, 'Why am I taking this medication to begin with?’", says David Meyerson, MD, JD, director of cardiology consultation services at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and national spokesperson for the American Heart Association.

The doctor recommends that you think about why your taking BP meds.  For example, ask yourself, "why did the doctor write you a prescription for blood pressure medication in the first place". Consequently, it is important to understand the reason.  First, understanding the health benefits is a motivator. For example, another motivator:  personal Family history.  For example,some  people with high blood pressure have  a family history of hear issues.  To illustrate,  family members who have had strokes or heart attacks. Agaion, Med-Q Reminder tells you  to understand that history.  Finally a better understanding means people will do something to interrupt the cycle.

Keep BP medication in an Electronic Medication Reminder with alarm and timer

Put the medication reminder with alarm and timer where you can see it.  For example, place the electronic medication reminder on the nightstand.  Another example, put the reminder on the bathroom sink or by the truthbrush.  Doctor Meyerson says . "Many people intend to take their blood pressure medication before leaving the house in the morning, but then don’t". If this sounds familiar, Meyerson suggests an  Electronic Medication Reminder with alarm and timer.  Finally, when using a  smart pill box keeping a few pills with you or in your desk at the office is no longer needed.

Significantly, Always keep your prescription filled.

Because, a common reason that people miss doses of their blood pressure medication is because they run out before getting a refill.  Consequently, it is a good idea to plan ahead.  "Hence, you don't run out," says Doctor Meyerson. Finally, make a note on the calendar. To sum up, this reminds you when it is time to refill the  prescription.

Med-Q Electronic medication reminder with alarm and timer

Get a prescription for medication you can afford to buy.
First, if medication costs is preventing you from taking them, talk with the health care professional. According to Meyerson,  "There are lots of doctors and PAs' that prescribe meds but have no idea what they cost".  Med-Q Electronic medication reminder with alarm  suggests  that you work with your doctor to find a new hypertension medication.  For example, one that is  effective and affordable.

Talk with your Doctor about any negative side effects

First, communicating with the doctor about any side effects you’re experiencing is important. Sometimes people stop taking the BP meds because of negative side effects.  Med-Q Pill Reminder Staff writer says, " Talk with the doctor about other drug options for lowering blood pressure".  In the same way, working together can find the right prescription. Likewise, the doctor can choose from a many different medications.  This being said, your health care professional will not know if you're having negative reactions unless you clearly communicate.

What to Do When You forget to take a Dose

On the other hand, everyone taking pills forgets from from time to time,   This being said, the problem is much worse.  The World Health Organization reports, over 75% of seniors make regular dosing mistakes. Hence, when missing a single dose of Hypertension medication is usually not a big problem. However,  it is important not to make forgetting a common occurance.  To sum up,  nott taking your blood pressure medication regularly has consequences.  To sum up, mis dosing will lead to higher blood pressure.  Finally, high BP will have blood pressure-related health issues.

What you don't want to do when you miss a dose is to double up the next time, Meyerson says. If you remember at lunchtime that you missed your morning dose, it is fine to take it then, says Meyerson.  However,if it is late at night or the next morning, skip it.  Additionally,  you should resume taking your medication as directed the next day.

Med-Q was designed by Registered Nurses (RN's)

The goal, make the electronic medication reminder with alarm and timer to  look like their old pill box.  Furthermore,the simple design will make the Med-Q upgrading much easier.  To sum up, prescription pills for High Blood Pressure only work when taken.  In conclusion,  the best outcomes will happen with the Amazing Med-Q Medication reminder Alarms for people with heart issues.

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