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Should You Still Be Taking That Medicine?

These medications should not be taken indefinitely.  To illustrate, most health care professionals  will only prescribe them for a certain “definite” period.  However,  the reports writes uncovered that about 45% of men and women taking these prescriptions were on them for significantly longer than is recommended.

What can happen when your pill box is overloaded?

To begin with, medication compliance is a major issue.  The problems range form forgetting pills to over dosing in quantity or time.  For example, the medications shown above, if they are taken for too long, they can will often get much less useful.  Furthermore, more likely to cause serious negative  side effects. Even more harmful, the study authors  found some shocking information.  Indeed,  taking too many prescriptions pills elevates the chances that people will end up on medications that have negative, or dangerous  interactions with the other pills that are being ingested.

In many ways, it’s a systematic problem, says Dee Mangin

The qustion to ask, “Should You Still Be Taking That Medicine”.  Dee Mangin is a family physician and a professor of family medicine at McMaster University and the University of Otago,  She was one of the lead author of the report.

Our whole medical system is geared to starting things, but completely invisible in the prescribing system is a setup for stopping things,” says Mangin. “For many drugs, the original reasons for taking them become lost in the mist of time.

 Should You Still Be Taking That Medicine or is the Prescription Lasting Too Long ?

First of all, People are creatures of Habit. Second of all, Every Sunday, they load their pill box with the same pills.  Finally, this pill box ritual goes on, year to year.  The question, is it necessary? The report focused on three categories of drugs.  The reason,  they represented a big range of the most popular prescriptions.  The goal,  provide a glimpse into how common it is for men and women to get a prescription that was continued for too long.  What they found was a shock.

How long should there be pills in the pill dispenser

If a individual had been prescribed antidepressants, 45 % of them were prescribed for longer than 14.5 months.  In fact, this is 8 months longer than what is most commonly recommended. 44% prescribed proton pump inhibitors for stomach acid were prescribed those drugs fo over 14 months.  To illustrte,  this drug shouldn’t be taken longer than 12 weeks. And 15% of these who were prescribed bisphosphonates (For improved bone health) had prescriptions that lasted at least 7 months then recommended.

  • Note: There are  cases where  doctors to have good reason to decide to continue a prescription longer than normally recommended.

The study authors refer to it as “legacy prescribing”

For example, a health care professional will start an individual on a prescription for perfectly good reasons.  However,  later renewal are written  without a  “new”  assessment.  The question, are they still needed?  Many times there’s no follow-up and [patients’] prescriptions.  To sum up, scripts are just renewed electronically.  Subsequently, very little thought as to whether they need to be refilled or not.

Should You Still Be Taking That Medicine?

Should You Still Be Taking That Medicine?

Should You Still Be Taking That Medicine?

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Should You Still Be Taking That Medicine?

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