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MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser designed to protect seniors

MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser designed to protect seniors

An automatic pill dispenser Importance can not be understated.

MED-Q Automatic Pill DispenserMoreover  reading the effects of not using a automatic pill dispenser, you will be shocked. Hence The FDA has been championing the need for pill dispenser for decades. In addition Modern technology has created new generation of automatic medication dispenser devices that meets the problem “Head On”.

MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser designed to protect seniors

The importance of an automatic pill dispenser can not be understated.alarm pill dispenser

Automatic Pill Dispenser so important?

First of all 30% of all hospital admissions for people over the age of 65 are directly attributable to medication non-adherence that can be solved with an automatic Pill Dispenser with alarms.

To put it another way, 125,000 people die each year from non-adherence in the United States.

med-q automatic pill dispensersecond of all Mistakes with medication that could be solved with an automatic prescription medication  dispenser, costs over $250 billion per year.

third of all $48 billion from unnecessary medication-induced hospitalization.

Then again over 35% of seniors entering nursing homes do so because they are unable to take their medication properly.

In conclusion about one-half of the 1.8 billion prescriptions dispensed annually are not taken correctly according to the Center for Disease Control .

Additionally more than 7 million households have a family member who is their caregiver.

Finally MED-Q Automatic Pill Dispenser offers peace of mind

By the same token modern technology has made a type of pill dispenser that is reliable, easy to use and affordable. Med-Q Pill Dispenser can eliminate a good portions of the problem stated above. Of course using a pill dispenser can assure that seniors will take their prescription medication on tie and in the correct amounts.

Hence this simple change in medication management will save billions and billions. Not to mention, the impact on the Quality of Life that the seniors are experience is truly invaluable. Furthermore, add the financial savings and you can see why a pill dispenser is so important.

Med-Q Pill Dispenser is used on a daily basis.

First of all this simple pill box can and will prevent financial and physical crisis. Second of all, where else can such a small investment have such a huge impact on day to day life. Finally Seniors can live the life that they deserve in their Golden Years.electronic pill dispenser with alarmpillbox

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