smart pill dispenser with alarms

Reasons For Medication Non Compliance and How You Can Help

Key Reasons For Medication Non compliance and How Caregivers are able to Help

Reasons For Medication Non Compliance and How You Can Help. Non compliance to prescription medication affects all age groups. Again, the same applies for OTC and supplements. The sorry fact, most just turn a blind eye toward the costly. According to the National Council on Patient Information and Education, medication non compliance alone leads to an additional $2,150 a year per patients. Hence, a need for a smart pill dispenser with alarms and flashing guides

 smart pill dispenser with alarms
smart pill dispenser with alarms

First, prescription medications don’t work if not taken properly.

To illustrate, non compliance is the failure to take medication according to the health care professionals’ specific directions. However, non compliance is way more than non adherence to specific directions. In fact, non compliance is also indicative of the overuse of medication. For example, taking too many opioids. Many doctors are forced to face these issues from time-to-time. Med-Q Medication Management System want to delve into the forgetting and msii dosing problem. Hence, there are Reasons For Medication Noncompliance. For example, using the wrong pill box or storing medication in hot locations. To sum up, Caregivers are able to Help with a smart pill dispenser with alarms.

  • Potential Negative Side Effects. Medication does not work perfectly. For example, the hope is that prescription meds would zero in on only the target systems or disease. Again, medication will only generate the desired, therapeutic effects. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple, as that. In fact, many medications ot combinations lead to unintended consequences as well. Hence, negative side effects.

There are ways that one can help 

It is important for people to know about potential negative side effects. In fact, practically every prescription and OTC (over-the-counter pills) has some kind of side effects. However, most are short-lived and “run their course,” very quickly. Furthermore, the human body will adapt to the new pills and supplements. First, Doctors should always talk about typical side effects of the medications that the client is taking. Second, suggest ways for to combat them. For example, drugs that cause anxiety and sleeplessness are to be taken in the AM. For example, Sedating medications should be taken at bedtime. Another example, many pills are designed to be taken with a full stomach.

Med-Q  smart pill dispenser with alarms and flashing guides

Med-Q smart pill dispenser with alarms and flashing guides

High Cost of Prescription Medications

First of all, cost is a big problem.  Many can’t afford to even put pills in their smart pill dispenser with alarms. Unfortunately, t brand name medications are high price. One could say, ” They are outrageously expensive”. Subsequently, poor and seniors living on a fixed income have been known to ” break their medications in half” or “taking them on alternative days:. Obviously, medication impacts quality of life and even life itself.

How is one able to offer help: 

There are ways that one is able to offer help.

  First, contact the individuals insurance company. Help to find out about all of the different prescription benefits . In addition, find out whether or not the medications they’re taking are can be replaced with less expensive generics. In short, particularly important if they’re taking several costly prescription meds.

Med-Q smart pill dispenser with alarms suggests that people practise comparison-shopping. First check the process with different pharmacies. Again, there are big price differences for the same drug from different pharmacies. Finally, there are good Websites that can assist with comparison-shopping. For example,  www.Rxvouchers.comfor coupons that can be used to save money.

Assistance programs are available through states, nonprofits and drug companies. Contact the Partnership for Prescription Assistance at 888.477.2669 or

The purchase of prescriptions via mail

Many people buy vial mail. Furthermore, this is. particularly effective when buying in larger quantities. Again, smart buys can lead to handsome savings. People need to know that purchasing medication via internet pharmacies can be a dicey proposition. For example, some provide no physical address or phone number. Some have been just fronts for illegal drug sales.

Forgetting to take medication according to prescribed directions is the most common cause of non compliance.

Finally, forgetting to take medication according to prescribed directions is the most common mistake. In short, everyone forgets to take medication from time to time. However, research has shown that chronic forgetfulness is associated with cognitive decline.There are ways to help. For example, a smart pill dispenser with alarms and flashing guides. There are many different kinds of medication calendars, and post-it note reminders. However, these old fashion methods lead to a “up tom (90% mistakes rate)

Seniors use Compartmentalized pillboxes, timers and even high tech pill dispensers with alarms and flashing guides. For example, a pill dispenser that is also a talking device that tells you when a dose is missed. Hence a smart pill dispenser is the first line of defense against non compliance.

However, an effective plan is to help set up a strategy for taking medications at the same time every day. Again, the [perfect [place for an electronic programmable pill dispenser. Enlist the help of family member to set up the medication dispenser whenever possible. Finally, a supportive family members can either administer medications directly to make reminder phone calls. The key, set up a clockwork pattern of daily repetition for taking medication. Again, a smart medication reminder can solve all these worries.

How to handle the the “I’m Cured” Syndrome.

First, everyone thinks they are a doctor. Second, people treat prescribed drugs as they would a Tylenol for a simple, uncomplicated tension headache. In short, once their symptom goes away, they stop taking the pills. Subsequently, people want to be done with medication as quickly as possible. Hence, they consider taking life saving medications as a nuisance. For many, having to look at a pill dispenser serves as an ever-present reminder of sickness,  as well as the  aging process.

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Now is the time to get loved ones a the best pill dispenser with alarms. The first line of defense against medication non compliance is a proactive mindset. Caregivers are raving about the Brilliant Med-Q medication dispenser. In short, the reasons For Medication Non Compliance are complex. Also, there are ways You Can Help Finally, To sum up, the Med-Q motto, “No decisions means no mistakes”.

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