MED-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer makes Living with Dementia is easier

Amazing MED-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer makes Dementia coping easier

Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer
Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer

Why Med-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer? First of all, this is one of the Worst Diseases know to Mankind.  The impact on both the individual afflicted with the disease and their family overwhelming   Second of all living with  Dementia is more than a challenge. Third of all,  good news is that  modern up-to-date technologies  are here.  An electronic pill box alarm that makes living with  dementia easier for all the people who are involved.  Finally, new wave of Living with Dementia aids have been termed “assertive technology” .  Termed by the medical community. To sum up, Med-Q Smart electronic Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer suggests these top technical innovations that can be used.

  MED-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer as a Medication Reminders

med-q smart electronic pill box
Dementia  pillbox

Hence, a Pill Reminders will assist in living with Dementia and keeping the dementia sufferers safe.  These are particular helpful when the caregiver is not able to be present.  A typical example of a reminder is a recording a message that will play and attempt to remind them that it is pill time.  Another example would be something that will play an audio message.  In addition, an electronic pill box alarm ought to be used every day.

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med-q smart electronic pill box
Med-q smart electronic pill box


Dementia Requires a Smart Pill Box Alarm Clock

There are alarm clock that have been configured for Alzheimer’s as well as dementia.   A person who is suffering with  dementia often will confuse night time with day.  Getting them a  simple to read clock will help the  suffer day from night.  An AM/Pm Pill Dispenser is also useful in trying to remember to take your prescription medications..

Pill Reminder for Dementia Prescription Medication Control

MED-Q smart pill box alarm
MED-Q smart pill box with alarm

Making sure that pills are taken properly can be accomplished with a smart pill box or some type of smart pill organizer.  Modern technology  has brought us pill reminders that are a high tech as automated pill reminder.  These pill boxes will beep and flash to remind caregivers and those with Dementia to take their medication. There are pill reminders that are a vibrating alarm on a wristwatch.

New GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking works well for men and women that may start to wander. These new age devices would be attached to the suffers.  This in turn would allow the caregiver to  know if the Dementia sufferer has wandered off.  In addition if they left the place where they are suppose to be.  Furthermore a Dementia Pill Reminder is a critical tool

Visual Picture Telephones

Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer
Smart pill dispenser with alarm and timer

People that are no longer able to recall phone numbers can use one of these new types of phones.  Visual Telephones come with over-sized buttons as well as numbers.  The smart phones s come with clear buttons.

 This is where  photos can be put.  This allows the Alzheimer’s or Dementia sufferer to  just push one button to call the person who’s photos appears.

Modern aids are very helpful.

Pill Reminders for Dementia This being said, Alzheimer’s are a horrible occurrence. The disease remains, truly devastating to the individual as well as their family.  The good news, Living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia is easier than ever before by using modern technology for a smart Modern electronic pill box alarm to Satellite tracking

Family Caregiver’s Emotional Moving Story

med-q pill reminder alarmMoreover a Family Caregiver is Rewarding as well as Incredibility Draining.  Remember ,family care givers need to take care of themselves.    No matter how hard your day to day routine is,you must take care of yourself.   Again, your of daily responsibilities must get taken care of.   Add to the daily balancing act. After all,  dealing with family member is hard.  In addition  children, brother’s health issues as well as your own health issues happen.  Consequently, why setting aside time for yourself is so important. 

electronic pill box alarm
electronic pill box alarm

 60 Million Caregivers Struggle Everyday

Dementia caregiver stressIf you are a  family caregiver, especially if the person is a aging parent, it has been described by many as, very rewarding,  exhausting, confusing, frustrating as well as a  joy and a burden.  Can you pack anymore emotions into the situation.  Likewise, factor in the potential loss of a loved one.  Of course you can see why this can sometimes be overwhelming.

Family Caregivers take care of 60 Million People

electronic pill box alarmThe National Family Caregiver Association as well as the National Alliance for Caregiving updated their reports.  To demonstrate, over 60 million individuals are caring for sick.  Furthermore,  chronically ill and older members of the family.   The monetary value of  the Caregiver’s strugglesis huge,  ,  It is iver  $375 Billion dollars a year.  Over 29% of the population taking care of loved Ones.  In fact, the emotional toll on the caregiver often goes unnoticed.

65 % of Family Caregivers are women.  Some other stats.  First, 50 Percent of care is provided in recipients.  Second, 30 Percent live with their caregiver.  Third, Four tyPercent reside in assisted living or a nursing home.   Finally get for some good insight.  Watch the following video:  You May Be the Family Caregiver

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OneFamily Dementia Caregiver’s Brave & Truthful Story

Med-Q Smart Pill Box is a Caregiver’s best friend

A book titled ,” Inside the Dementia Epidemic: A Daughter’s Memoir” is about taking care of a mother suffering from dementia.  Moreover, the book tells about changes that Dementia has caused.  The primary focus, their personal relationship.  It goes on to cover the care giving experiences she was having.  Hence, She learned bout the illness and the different types of treatments that are available.  In addition she tells us of how she had to learn to deal her mom’s  Dementia.  For example ,the personality changes .

 To sum up, America’s Best Pill Reminder for Dementia and Alzheimer’s

med-q smart electronic pill box
America’s Best electronic pillbox


Med-Q Smart Pill Boxes Editorial staff found it to be a touching tale.

 The fact that the author now had a clearer understanding.  She had a  deeper admiration for the Lady her mom was.  Dementia  has robbed her of who she actually was before the Dementia .  For example, the book addresses the manner in which the Sufferer intertwined one’s emotional changes.  With attention to physical changes that she was experiencing.  Surely these will grow with the advancing stages of her Dementia.

programmable pill reminder
best automatic pill dispenser
Smart Pillbox for Medication Management
Smart Pillbox for Medication Management

The inspiring tale of success as well as failures and how to keep a good balance in her own personal.   She added in family life.  That is not even including  taking care of her own  children.  Moreover,being able to be supportive of her spouse.  It is good for others to see that what they are going through is not unique.  If others made it through being a Dementia Caregiver, so can they.

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