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Med-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarms




smart pill dispenser with alarmsMedQ Smart Pill Dispenser is a better Choice. A Smart Pill dispenser is a better choice then the old fashion pill box.  Modern Technology has brought advancements in modern medicine that could only have been dreamed about 100 years ago.  Illnesses that were once a death sentence are now manageable or even curable.  Med-Q Smart pill dispenser will help make sure you take the proper prescription meds at the proper times.  Med-Q smart pill dispenser to the rescue.



Smart Pill Dispenser with alarms  keeps Loved Ones in their own Homes



Best Pill Organizer for Caregivers

The costs of current medicating are huge. 

Click on the Map above to see the costs of assisted Living Facilities and Home Heath care in your state.  Your modern smart pill dispenser can assure that Mom forgetting pills and dad forgetting medication will not happen. 

The Advancement range for the  smart pillbox to Stem Cells.  A book written by Richard Rettig  “Medical Innovation Duels Cost Containment,”  spells out recent advances

Major advances in clinical ability to treat previously untreatable acute conditions, such as coronary artery bypass graft;

Development of new procedures for discovering and treating secondary diseases within a disease, such as erythropoietin to treat anemia in dialysis patients.

  • Expansion of the indications for a treatment over time, increasing the patient population to which the treatment is applied.
  • On-going, incremental improvements in existing capabilities, which may improve quality.
  • Clinical progress, through major advances or by the cumulative effect of incremental improvements, that extends the scope of medicine to conditions once pill dispenser with alarms


The Beginning of Modern Medicine in 400BC

Birth of Hippocrates, Greek physician and founder of the first university.   Considered the father of medicine. Hippocrates bases medicine on objective observation and deductive reasoning. In Fact he does accept the commonly held belief that disease results from an imbalance of the four bodily humors (an idea that persists for centuries).




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Med-Q Pill Holder is Simple, Reliable & Affordable



med-q smart pill dispenser with alarms
med-q smart pill dispenser with alarms

Watch the MedQ Smart Pill dispenser on Youtube Video.  You will never look at a pill dispenser the same.  A smart pill box is the solution to home med mistakes.  You can keep you loved ones in the Quality of Life that they deserve.




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