Mom's medicine is a mess

Mom’s medicine is a mess

What to do when Mom's medicine is a mess. 

Pick the best Pill Reminder or Smart Pill Box with Alarms

Mom's medicine is a mess

Why Seniors forget to take their medicine

What to do when Mom's medicine is a mess.  Nonetheless,  Mom is seeing doctors or the health Care Professionals for several chronic conditions.  For example, her high blood pressure.  Another example, she is taking medication for diabetes.  However, after her latest physical checkup has made you concerned. Her blood pressure is back where it was.  Furthermore, it appears that her blood sugar is high.  Obviously, her diabetes is no longer under control.

First, check her medicine cabinet.  Second, look at the different bottles and blister packs. Third, check the meds in her pill organizer or pill box.  Finally, you will be shocked at what is there.

In other words, instead of  organized rows of prescription medication bottles, one finds chaos.

To illustrate, many bottles that are almost empty.  Again, other bottles that are filled with outdated drugs.  Additionally, many different unopened prescriptions.  Many still in the pharmacy wrapping.  Last but not least,  over-the-counter vitamins as well as other supplements – and a plastic baggie filled with assorted loose pills in rainbow colors, like so many jellybeans.

At this time, a serious conversation that follows makes one thing obvious.  Hence,  your Mom is in trouble.  Fact, she must have some help with her prescription medication management (Medication Compliance).

  • Medication Compliance refers to whether patients take their medications as directed by their Health Care Professional.   (eg, with or without food or at specific times and doses).

Finally, here are some tips if  you step up to take on that role of medication management. Here’s how to get things sorted out.

Pick the best kind of Pill Reminder or Smart Pill Box with Alarms

Importantly, there is a variety of choices in Pill Reminder or Smart Pill Box with Alarms..  Besides, all pharmacies offer everything from basic 7 day pill box to a smart medication dispenser with alarms and timers.

In addition, there are Color-coded dispensers that have been shown to be effective.  Fact, these Electronic dispensers or medication reminders come with alarms.  Hence, a reminder to the use.  Furthermore, the alarms will tell others know when doses are being missed. Talking pillboxes are useful as well as smart reminders that have flashing guides.

In contrast, others have blasting audi alarms  for patients with vision impairment. But, when caring for someone who’s 80-90 years old, sometimes the new technology can be confusing.  Clearly, a Pill Reminder or Smart Pill Box with Alarms.must be user friendly.

Smart Pill Reminder with Alarm and Timer

Pick the best Pill Reminder or Smart Pill Box with Alarms

Finally,  a Smart Medication Reminder.. What to do when Mom's medicine is a mess?.  What is the best pill dispenser for Mom?  Med-Q Pill Reminder or Smart Pill Box with Alarms is the Top  Medication Management tool.

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