Med-Q Medication Clock Timer Prevents a trip to the ER

Med-Q Smart mediation reminder for Mom

A Smart Medication Reminder is a Personal Choice


 Smart mediation reminderAn aging population means a smart medication reminder

First, Individuals are going to be prescribed more pills to be taken.    Second, The complexity of modern medication regimes can be made easier with the help of an Smart mediation reminder.  Third, We are in the "Golden Age of Medicine".  Finally,  people need the proper tolls to take their medication properly. 

Furthemore, twice a day pill takers need to choose a Smart mediation reminder to make sure thy takes their pills.  Hence, modern smart technology has provided more options then the old fashion pill boxes or Pill organizers.  By the same token, Programmable, smart medication reminder can greatly reduce the non-compliance problem.

Your Smart mediation reminder is a big decision

Smart mediation reminder
Smart mediation reminder

First of all, did you know that medication errors are the #3 cause of preventable death in the US.  Notably, this is why a smart medication reminder is so important in a seniors life.  Lets put this in perspective.  Imagine a fully loaded 747 airplane crashing every day with no survivors.

Indeed, Pretty horrible.  The same number of deaths occur each and every day from medication errors.  By way of example, a proactive stance can keep senior's out of  assisted living and maintain a healthy life style.

It is the chilling truth about med errors

Smart mediation reminder
MED-Q is America's best Smart mediation reminder

In fact, it is a truth that med mistakes kill approximately 405,000 individuals annually. As an illustration, recent  Senate subcommittee focused on Primary Health as well as spoke of the devastating loss of human life.  In addition,  the drain on the healthcare system.  Also, the cost has been estimated to the nation to be over $900 Billion each year.  "The tragedy that we're talking about here (is) deaths taking place that should not be taking place," reported the subcommittee's Chairman, Senator. Bernie Sanders.

Pill Box
A#America's Best Pill Box

Using a smart AM PM Pill box has been reported to be one of the most effective methods of eliminating mistakes at home.

  The user would fill the pill boxes with their daily medication.  In the AM the smart pill box will remind them that it is time to take their pills.  The smart medication reminder will do the same. In the same way, using the "Med-Q AM PM Pill box" is getting the problem solved. Consequently, one may need home care .  Addmittidly,  even worse, moving into assisted living.   Granted, see information visit Med-Q Medication Reminder  Blog for informative medication management articles

Smart Medication Reminder Prevents Deaths

The fact of the matter is that the #3 leading cause of premature deaths in caused by medication errors.    A smart pill box organizer is a simple, effective way to reduce your chances of becoming a deadly statistic.  Surgical mistakes, prescription pill errors, misdiagnosis and more.  New research reports that medical mistakes is the third leading cause of death.

smart medication reminder alarmsMedical error is rarely the "official" cause of death on death

Many of our health care professionals are trying very hard to change the way the current system is functioning.  Doctors are calling out to put patient safety as the Number One priority.  

Pennsylvania Congressmen John Murtha had gall bladder surgery.  Unfortunately he died  because of complications from errors during the procedure.  "If medical-care-gone-wrong were a disease, it would be the third leading cause of of death in the United states."This was reported by  US surgeon Doctor M. Makary.   Dr. Makary, was the leader of a Johns Hopkins,  report which evaluated the death rate data from the last 8 years. The data published in  BMI, puts death from medication mistakes, behind heart disease and then cancer.

Smart Pill Box Organizer is one of the Modern Tools

Today's medications can manage or even cure illnesses that just decades ago were fatal.  These new generation of smart Medication Reminders are not your Grandma's old fashion Pillbox.  These can be programmed to remind the user when to take their pills.  They come with pillbox organizer flashing guides.  These devices can help prevent many of the basic med errors that happen at home.   Don't look to Health care Professionals to blame.  The problem can be solved by the individuals with a smart medication reminder.

For more information visit Med-Q Pill box

smart medication reminder

The need to eliminate the communication barriers of  everyone involved with the individuals care.  There are many miscommunication as well as diagnostic mistakes as one of the big causes of these medical errors.  An example is Heart Disease. People spend a lot of time money on heart disease prevention but don't take their pills.  A pillbox organizer will make sure the medication is taken right so you can expect the best outcomes.

Set your Smart Medication Reminder for 1,  2,  3 or 4 Daily Pill Remindersprogrammable pill alalrm

best programmable medication reminder alarm

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