MED-Q medication reminder alarms for the elderly is a life saver

Med-Q medication reminder alarms for the elderly

Med-Q medication reminder alarms for the elderly

medication reminder alarms Why is the need for  Med-Q Medication reminder alarms for the elderly?  First of all here is a typical story that we hear every single day from Terry.  Second, My father is been living on his own. Third, He has no apparent problems staying at home.  He  was recently hospitalized and we had to decide if it was time for a retirement community. Finally We left him at  home, on his own for the past 2 weeks.

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My sister and I go to check on him every couple of days.

As a matter of fact last time i was there , I was shocked.  Moreover I actually saw him take 4 pills at one time.  Hence I asked here what was the problem?  Not to mention,Dad told me that her pill box wasn’t helping him remember his prescription medications.  Is there something I can do to help him not forget?  He does have an old pill box with the day of the week on it.

Med-Q medication reminder alarms for the elderly

This being said Additionally I tried to reassure her that he needs to get some help with his pills.  If he has any doubts that he should use modern technology.  he is very stubborn.  Howevcer i still told him he needed help.

Terry, you are not alone. Even though your dad is suffering from AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes) is making it hard for your Dad to manage his meds.  With that in mind, and not knowing the extent of the impairment, I would suggest trying a few different methods.

If your old fashion pill box is not working, it is time for a change.

Besides upgrade to a Med-Q Medication Reminder for his meds.   Nonetheless take the pills from the  medications blister pack and put them in the individual pill boxes.   Most pharmacies will do this for you.   It really does make it easier to take medications on time and to know that they have been taken.  Subsequently this applies to both you and your medication reminder alarms

Besides,  suggest your mom link her medications with a daily routine. If this isn’t effective you can try calling him.  Notwithstanding  try to get him to only take the medications when you call her on the phone.  Correspondingly If none of these suggestions work, you may have to consider paying someone to do her medication management.  In like manner this may involve having a lock box for her medications that you can access and give her daily or pay someone to do it for you.

Med-Q  does understand that these methods seems easy.  They are the first line of defense for good health and well be in. A good strategy that works together.

Med-Q medication reminder alarms for the elderly

The family caregiver needs to check his prescriptions with his doctor and pharmacist.  This will help to ensure there is no negative drug interactions.  They ought to make sure all of his meds are needed.   Ask if there are any methods to make his medication management simpler.  A good example,  taking pills once a day instead of twice). Med-Q medication reminder alarms for the elderly to the rescue.medication reminder alarms

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