Mom's medicine is a mess

Mom’s medicine is a mess

Mom’s medicine is a mess What to do when Mom’s medicine is a mess.  Nonetheless,  Mom is seeing doctors or the health Care Professionals for several chronic conditions.  For example, her high blood pressure.  Another example, she is taking medication […]

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serious medication errors

Serious medication errors are on the rise

Serious medication errors the Seniors make is on the rise. Fact, , leaving about 33% of these individuals end up in the hospital.  First of all, Every 100 seconds someone make a phone call to the  U.S. poison control.  Second […]

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confusion and forgetfulness

MED-Q medication compliance system, the smart Pill box

Med-Q Medication Compliance System is the Smart Pill Box $280 Billion Dollar Cost of Medication Noncompliance What can be done about this huge waste of Monet and resources? The newest information gas focused on the cheapest fixes that will greatly […]

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