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Simplify Your Medication Regimen with a Daily Activity

automatic pill dispenser with alarm

Simplify Your Medication Regimen with a Daily Activity

Many people do not think they need an automatic pill dispenser with alarm.  The will attempt to  tie your pill time  with other daily routine.  For example, like lunch time or after a bath.  To illustrate,  when you get ready to go to bed. Keep your medications in easy-to-see spot.  Many, if done right, in a plastic pill box or pill organizer.

  •  The goal, taking your meds will be as routine as,  brushing your teeth.  To sum up, if you are not going to use an automatic pill dispenser with alarm, you need other medication tips.

Automatic pill dispenser with alarm notify and sometimes release medication at specified times.

simplify your medication regimen
simplify your medication regimen

Their goal is to assist senior citizens and disabled or impaired individuals to take their life saving pills and supplements.  Many seniors have diseases that will impair ability to adhere to their prescribed medication schedules.

Automatic pill dispenser with alarm

are used to organize pills and remind people to take their medications at pre-determined times.  Hence, help individuals, elderly or chronically ill, take their prescription medication as directed.  The same applies to OTC medication or daily supplements.

There are  products in the health care industry such as the MED-Q automated  pill box or electronic pill boxes.  These will function by alerting the patients what it is time to take their medications.  Some medication dispensers, like the MED-Q Pill Box, uses flashing guides to show the user which pills to take.

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Be sure you keep  medications safe and secure

Keep your pills away from curious toddlers and pets. First, be sure to protect your meds from extreme heat or cold.  Second, never,ever keep them in a steam-up bathroom.  Yes, we know that medicine cabinets are usually found in the bathroom.  Most medications need to be kept at room temperature.  Hence,  extreme conditions will cause them to lose their potency or in some case,  even melt.  A fully loaded pill dispenser of pill box should be treated with extreme caution.  Furthermore, when medicine is kept in the frig, put a sticky note reminder on the fridge as a reminder.

automatic pill dispenser with alarm
automatic pill dispenser with alarm

Ask the Doctor to Simplify Your Medication Regimen

There are some ways to simplify your medication regimen to make life easier.   First an automatic pill dispenser with alarms and timer.  Second, when taking a pill 3 or 4 times a day, ask the health care professional if there is a similar drug that only needs to be taken one time per day.  Ask the pharmacist which medications  can be take together safely.  Again, safely at the same time to limit multiple daily doses.

Know when to take your pills.  Do you take them at breakfast, dinner, or bedtime?  Set up a routine around these times, if you possibly can.

automatic pill dispenser with alarm
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