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Caregivers Refuse Help from a smart pill box with alarms’

Why do Caregivers Regularly Refuse Help from a smart pill box with alarms?

Caregivers frequently feel stressed and many eventually become burned out

For example, lots of caregivers, come up with excuses to actively refuse any kind of help.  Med-Q smart pill box with alarms survey has given us valuable data.  Per Sam Demar, MED-Q smart pill box with alarms Staff writer, “Our surveys shows  a variety of reasons why caregivers deny the need for help. To sum up,  family caregivers need to be aware that working through their motivations of being the one and only care provider.  Finally, not seeking or accepting  help will be bad for the caregiver the care recipient.

Reasons that Caregivers  will say “No” to  Help from a smart pill box with alarms

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    Asking for Help is a Failure
    First,  caregivers need to know tht it is SMART ti ask for help.  Trying to do everything by your self is not the most effective way.  From using modern tool, such ad a MED-Q Medication reminder to CHAT lines that can answer all your questions.  For example, doctors "Practice" medicine.  This means that they are always lookng to their fellow health care professionals for help.  No one has all the answers.  To sum up, the smart caregiver will always ask for help.  There is no honor in struggling through the process by yourself.

  • The Instinct to Protect their Love one
    First,  caregivers need to come to terms with the fact that we are unable to make loved ones completely healthy again.  The person who provides care and safeguards needs to look out for  their well being.  Finally, the protective instinct is difficult to overcome.
  • Guilt, the Caregiver's Unwelcome Companion
    There are strong feelings of guilt that arrive throughout the care giving journey.  However, most are usually undeserved.  The fact of the matter,  guilt-trips are often self-imposed.  Why is this so?  People see their position as a spouse, adult child requires them to personally take care of  all of their loved one’s wants and needs. To sum up,  guilt is nearly always a useless and destructive strong emotion.  One of the biggest problem for caregivers.
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An Unhealthy Sense of Competition

When adult children are taking care of their parents, they may still be trying to earn the place in their parents hearts.  For example, they want to be the one who cared the most. Sibling rivalry, even in the most healthiest of  families, never goes away completely. Many caregivers  will fight to get their family members to help them.  However, the request for help is often denied. For these people, sibling rivalry isn't the issue. I recognize that the bulk of elder care, even in large families, frequently falls to one person—most often the eldest daughter. However, on the other hand, there are caregivers who push away other family members.  They will not accept any offers of  assistance.   The fact of the matter, they subconsciously want to be the hero of the entire family . Med-Q Smart Pill box with alarms has heard from enough shut-out siblings.  To sum up, this is an extremely  touchy subject that will need to be addressed.

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We often do not trust hired caregivers we hire

  • Stranger Danger
    We often do not trust hired caregivers, whether they are providing care in the home, an assisted living community or a skilled nursing facility. We’ve heard horror stories and may even personally know others who have had terrible experiences with hired care. We care about our loved ones and have a duty to protect them, so we fear what may happen if we are not present to monitor their care at all times.
  • Privacy Issues
    Some people lead more private lives by default. They treat their homes as their safe spaces and consider family happenings to be extremely personal. Whether help is coming from a hired caregiver, a fellow churchgoer, a neighbor or a sibling, many caregivers are simply uncomfortable with the idea of opening up their homes and sharing sensitive information with “outsiders.”
  • Financial Woes
    Our medical system still lacks sufficient features to keep people in their own homes with the assistance of paid help. There are some programs offered through the VA, Medicare and Medicaid, but coverage is minimal and most people do not qualify. Meanwhile, whatever assets our parents have must be used for their care. When their money is spent down, they can generally go on Medicaid, but the quality of this care may not be what we would have chosen otherwise. Therefore, many families see to the bulk of the responsibilities themselves to avoid spending money on care, but this can be detrimental in many other ways.

With or without help, you remain a caregiver.

With or without help, you remain a caregiver. Even when a loved one is in a nursing home, the primary caregiver still has many responsibilities and is on call 24/7. It can be difficult, but opening up to the possibility of outside assistance is the first step towards ensuring you can have a life apart from the constant needs of your care receiver.

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