Smart Pill box for Medication Compliance in African American

Smart Pill box for Medication Compliance in African American

Complications affects African Americans at alarmingly high rates.  Medication Noncompliance can be intentional or unintentional.  However,  the causes  are typical to all.  First of all,  Lack of knowledge.  Second of all,  religious heath beliefs.  Third of all,  medication errors (a smart pill box with alarms can solve this issue).

Noncompliance often happens because the patient doesn’t understand the  consequences of forgetting to take their prescription medication.  Furthermore,  many  are unable to afford the pills.  People say that they feel fine.  Hence,  they start to believe they don’t need their pills  anymore. medication. The reality, they need to continue taking them even when their are no symptoms.

Not so surprisingly, patients often associate the idea of “feeling better” as an expected result of taking their prescribed medication. Therefore, the patient will stop taking the antihypertensive medication because they do not experience any improvement. Side effects also play an important role towards noncompliance, while many patients are simply unable to afford the medication.

Health care Professional  must remind patients of the importance of Hypertension Medication

Doctors may not remind patients of how critical is it for them to of continue taking their medication. Always Remind patients to take their prescriptions.  In addition, this applies even though the BP is normal.  It needs to  part of the discussions at every visit. We all know how hard it is to remember to take pills.  That is why is is so important to get a  smart pill box with alarm. The problem when they feel fine they think their blood pressure is normal.  No need to fill a smart pill box with life saying pills.    This is 100% pill box with alarm

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