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Prevent Mom forgetting pills

Prevent Mom forgetting pills with New Smart Pill Box

Prevent Mom forgetting pills with New Smart Pill Box

Mom Forgetting pills is no small matter

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Does Mom’s health needs to be safe guarded.  Your Mom Forgetting Pills is a recipe for disaster.  Are you aware that over 125000 people died in the US last year from medication errors.  It actually has become the #3 cause of premature Death.  Med-Q smart pill reminder to the rescue.

Mom Forgetting Pills will happen with Old fashion pillboxes and other out dated methods.

Modern medicine is in it’s Golden Age.  Illnesses that were a “Death Sentence” decades ago now 100% curable.  However, pills need to be taken properly to work.  Mom forgetting pills is not a minor thing.  The question, staff at Med- Q Medication box are asked most often, “How many times can I miss a pill or Miss Dose before worrying about it?”    Our answer, “How many times can you drop a baby on their head before it is a problem”. Mom Forgetting pills is an tragedy waiting to happen.

MedQ’s Life Saving Features means no more Mom forgetting Pills or medication mistakes

Mom forgetting Pills needs immediate action

telephone reminders

telephone reminders

Telephone reminders are helpful, but still leads to forgetting.  Help from the pharmacists is also helpful, but not a problem solver.  Home computer monitoring systems have been found to be effective. However, it is price prohibitive for many seniors. Finally, a A Smart Medication box that is a pill reminder has been shown to be the most effective.    Which ever you use, Mom forgetting pills is a problem that needs to be solved.

Again, Med-Q Smart Pill Box replaces the  Stress, Worry & Wondering from medication mistakes. To sum up, replace mom’s Forgetting pills with the Peace of Mind.

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