weekly pillboxes with alarm

MED-Q Weekly Pillboxes with alarm keeps seniors at home

Med-Q Weekly Pillboxes with alarm can keep you at home during the aging

dementia pill strategyFirst of all, Well over 95% of seniors  want to stay in their own homes. Second ofa ll, no of moving into assisted living or a nursing home.  This has been reported by AARP.  NPR of NH calls the current goal “aging in place” or “aging in community“.  To sum up, elderly’s problem is that senior do not take into account all the new problems they are going to have if they  remain at home.  For example, what type of weekly pillboxes with alarm to choose.  Something as simple as  weekly pillboxes with alarm  reminder can make a huge difference.

Senior and ElderlyFirst, Aging at Home has several factors to take into account should consider

Seniors who want to age in place need help.  First, One should have a loved one help to  evaluate the senior’s  needs.  Second,  if they choose to remain in their own homes.  Third, One needs to take into account many potential future problems.

electronic pill dispenser with alarm Med-Q Weekly Pillboxes with alarm offers a easy checklist of  the items to consider

Hence, Med-Q weekly pill box with alarm is at the top of the list.   Can the elderly  handle the problems associated with aging in place?  For example, problems like falling to forgetting to take their prescriptions.

Overview of the Elderly’s specific Personal Situation

  • Forst, How close to you live to family as well as friends.  
  • Second, How close does family, friends as well as other support groups?  
  • Third, Are they close or far?  

Isolation is a big factor with elderly Men and Women

 You ought to  make certain that there is a support network nearby.  Furthermore, This will help with every thing from  levels of depression to forgetting medications..  To illustrate,  not eating properly.  Moreover,  elderly are known for not going grocery shopping. Again, not having regular meals.  Additional info about Seniors need for a Social Life @  Elderly & their Social Lives.

Do your folks like to live by themselves?   By the same token, what type of personalities do they have.  For example, are they the type that are social as well as connecting with others people.  Some men and women  have an introverted personality.  This means,  staying away from other folks?

Look at the Homes Layout

Furthermore, Safety as well as practicality is the big key.  The home ought  to be comfortable.   To illustrate,  make modifications to the house,.  Th s makes it more user  friendly.  Many things that were no problem, now can be fixed.  Old fashion bath tubs, weekly pill boxes with alarm or even washers and dryers can be unusable now.

  • Stairs and Stories . This is a primary concern for those who age in place.  Elderly falls is the #1 reason for hospitalizations in the US.   Electronic chair lifts for steps is just one of the many ways to prevent falling.  
  • Bright Lights. A issue that many don’t consider, adequate brightness is vital
  • Doors and doorways. Doorways that are not level with the floor can cause a trip and fall.  Glass sliding doors can be dangerous as well 
  • A Weekly Pillboxes with Alarm for proper medication management.  90% of seniors forget or over dose on medications.  Again, This is the #2 reason for not being able to stay at home.  To sum up, smart weekly pillboxes with alarms is critical.

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weekly pillboxes with alarm
electronic weekly pillboxes with alarm
  • Hallways are a problem.  Question, Are  the hallways wide enough.  Can it  be  navigated in a wheelchair or a walker?
  • Flooring can raise issues.  A slippery surface or loose area rugs is an accident waiting to happen.
  •  Elderly have a hard time lifting their legs to get in a shower or bathtub.  This is very hard for many.  For example,  Slippery and wet floors are a worry.
  • med-q weekly pillboxes with alarmAccess. A lengthy walk,inclines or climbing steps will  be a major issue as the Individual gets older.
  • Check the heights of the counter in the kitchen.  Be sure it is accessible from a wheelchair and a walker.
  • Maintenance. Living in a old house means lots of repairs.   Old houses were not built with the Elderly in mind.  Imagine having to clean the gutters or trim the buses.  Many hire a housekeeper or others for the needed outside help?

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electronic weekly pillboxes with alarm
electronic weekly pillboxes with alarm

Assess the Community

  • Access to needed resources.  IOne needs to live in a place where you have access to essentials  An example, do your folks still drive? They can drive now.  However, that will change.  

dad forgetting medicationSafety of surroundings.

For example, the neighborhood could be unsafe for vulnerable seniors.  Climate/geography. While many seniors can’t easily move to sunny destinations, moving to a milder climate may be worth considering if you need to move from your home anyway. If friends or family live in warmers areas, consider a visit.  

Many of the elderly have the option to age in place.

Many decisions need to be made.  For example, what type of weekly pillboxes with alarm to choose.  Something as simple as  weekly pillboxes with alarm  reminder can make a huge difference.  To sum up, use common sense .  In conclusion, be sure to plan  ahead and be prepared. smart pill box reminder 


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