Automatic Pill Dispenser for Mom

Automatic Pill Dispenser for mom choices


Automatic Pill Dispenser for Mom is a big decision





Choosing a Automatic Pill Dispenser for Mom can mean the difference between life and death

Automatic Pill Dispenser for mom

The proper pill dispenser is very important.  A pill box for mom can mean she has something to organize her pills or something that is a pill clock.  The World Health Organization says that over 90% of seniors suffer from AIMM’s  (Age induced Medication Mistakes).   MED-Q Pill Dispenser with alarms Box was designed to prevent errors.




There are three type of Automatic Pill Dispensers for Mom


Automatic Pill Dispenser for mom
Automatic Pill Dispenser for mom

Basic Plastic pill dispenser or pill organizer

This is the same type of pill box that has been used for decades. This is not a modern pill dispenser.  There are no reminder features.   These are simply 7 empty pill boxes for the day of the week.  These pillboxes do nothing to remind your Mom to take her pills. They lead to mom forgetting pills as well as mis-dosing .   As medication has become more complex, these 7 day pill boxes have become obsolete.



Smart Phone pill reminder Apps

Today’s Smart phones have the ability to put very complex medical information into its database.  This will make your phone a pill clock.  The Medication reminder will beep an alarm on the phone to remind you take your pills.  A good aid, but there is still a lot of forgetting.

Pill reminder with alarm

med-q medication reminder for peopleThere are several types of Pill Clock or Pill Alarm clocks.  Many can be seen on AMAZON.  If the problem is Mom forgetting pills, you need a pill dispenser with alarm.  The simple pill organizer will not work.  A medication alarm clock can be set to remind your Mom when it is time to take their meds.  Some , like the MED-Q medication Compliance System have flashing guides that will show the user exactly what pill to take.  This is particularly good Timer Pill dispenser For Alzheimer’s .

pill box with alarms
best automatic pill dispenser


Hearing Impaired Medication Compliance System

Make sure you pill dispenser is loud enough for the hearing impaired.  As people age, there hearing diminishes.  The medication reminder needs to have Loud alarms so that the person can hear the alarms.  Soft alarms is not the best pill dispenser for Mom.electronic pill box with alarmsmart pill reminder



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