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Med-q pill reminder alarm system for Epilepsy

Med-q pill reminder alarm system for Epilepsy

pill reminderMed-q pill reminder alarm system for Epilepsy is a must

First of all, what is epilepsy.  Second of all, why do you need a pill reminder alarms system.  Epilepsy is defined as:

  • Permanent changes in the brain cause it to be too excitable or irritable. From this,  the brain will then send out abnormal signals. This will then lead to repeated, unpredictable seizures.  Epilepsy may be due to a medical condition or injury that affects the brain

Med-q pill reminder alarm system for Epilepsy

There are several different  types of seizures.,   Hence, it will depend on what particular area of the brain is involved. The meaning of the word ” epilepsy”  s does not reefer to they kind of seizure.  Furthermore, it does not explain the root cause of the seizure.   To summarize,  only that the seizures are happen over and over again. A more specific definition requires that the seizures have no known reason. Again, this ought to be called primary or idiopathic epilepsy.

  • reminder alarm system for epilepsy
    reminder alarm system for epilepsy

    First of all, having episodes of abnormal electrical brain activity that results in having seizures.

  • Second, The exact part of the brain affected by the electrical activity often will create a particular type of seizure.
  • Third, keeping a proper dose level in the blood stream. Med-q pill reminder alarm system for Epilepsy.
  • In the event that every part of the brain is effected  a generalized seizure can happen. This means you may lose consciousness is lost or greatly impaired.  Furthermore, the sufferer’s legs and arms stiffen and then start to rhythmically jerk.
  • One seizure type may evolve into another during the course of the seizure. For example, a seizure may start as a partial, or focal, seizure, involving the face or arm. Then the muscular activity will then spread to other parts of the body. In this way, the seizure becomes generalized.
  • To illustrate, if a child has a Seizures caused by high fevers this is not  considered epilepsy.

Some of the cause of Epilepsy Causes

In fact, Healthy individuals can have seizures in certain circumstances. If the seizures have a known cause there is a name.  The name, secondary or symptomatic epilepsy. Some of the more common causes of this will include

  • Brain Tumor
  • Chemical imbalance such as low blood glucose or sodium levels
  • Severe Head injuries
  • Damage caused by toxic chemicals or drug abuse
  • Alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Brain damage from a stroke
  • Birth injuries

Med-q pill reminder alarm system for Epilepsy

When to get Medical help

The very  first seizure is the reason to visit your doctor or a hospital’s ER.  If you are someone with a diagnosed seizure disorder, a increase in seizures or a change in their pattern means you need to see the doctor.  A hospital  ER visit is not always needed for everyone with a seizure. Many kinds of seizures are emergencies and need a 911 call:

  • A seizure that continues for more than 4-5 Mins.
  • Having difficulty with breathing
  • Persistent confusion or unconsciousness
  • If you hurt yourself  during a seizure
  • The very first seizure

Some of the cause of Epilepsy  is very serious

Epilepsy pill reminder sysytem
Epilepsy pill reminder sysytem

This is no laughing matter.  Take control and get help.  Fro doctors advice to a pill reminder alarm system .  Be proactive.  For more affirmation Visit Med-Q Pill Box with Alarms for Epilepsy.


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