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Med-Q is the Best Pillbox for Caregivers

Med-Q is the best Pillbox for Caregivers


 Med-Q Medication Box gives Family Caregiver all the help they need.

Dad forgetting medication means three daily reminder phone calls.  Mom forgetting Pills means a “Stop By” after work everyday and on weekends.  As frustrated as it seems , this is normal for seniors. 

The best Pillbox for Caregivers is a must

best pillbox for caregiversFirst of all, The best pillbox for caregivers is more than an old fashion medication box.  Second, Seniors suffer from AIMM’s ( the medical term is: Age Induced Medication Mistake).  Third, Short term memory will  start to fade and get worse as they get older. Finally, Remembering to take pills or taking the right ones may be out of the seniors ability.  

They will either make mistakes or rely on their Caregiver.  This is no small problem. It is the third leading cause of premature death, behind  Cancer 600,000  &  Heart Disease 450,000  

A modern smart pillbox for Caregiver’s  makes the job much easier

best pillbox for caregiversMedication Box to the rescue

Med-Q Medication Box was introduced in the winter of 2014.  The response from caregivers has been overwhelming read some of Med-Q’s Medication Box reviews and see for your self.  The Med-Q was designed by team of Registered Nurses.  They used their Hospital and Emergency Room experience to put a clinical spin on solving the problem.  The old fashion 7 day pillbox went out the window.  To design the best pillbox a new approach was needed.

What Makes Med-Q the Best PillBox for caregivers?

The goal was not have an audio system that would work.  If the alarm was too loud to start, it would scare the user and they would usually take out the batteries.  If the alarm was too soft, they would not be able to hear it.  That is why the best pillbox for caregivers has an escalating alarm cycle to make the problem go away.

The right Prescriptions at the right Time

pillbox for caregiversThe Flashing Guides means the right doses at the right times.  No decisions, means no mistake.   MedQ was designed to give the Caregiver some much needed help.  Their job is difficult at best and physical and financial disaster at worst.  The MedQ medication box can reduce the caregivers work load by taking on the medication responsibility.

 In With all the worries the caregiver has , a medication box will mean less stress, less worry and a healthier loved one.    Who benefits more form the Best PillBox, the user or the care giver?  We think they both benefit in a better Quality of life for all  those involved.

Smart PillBox 95% adherence or 30% with Dumb Pillbox

Pillbox rating can give you a better way to make an informed decision.  Portable Automatic Pill Dispenser  Med-O-Wheel SMART .   Med-O-Wheel SMART Portable Automatic Dispenser holds 14 doses. Up to 4 Daily Alarms. Complete pill dispenser system with 2 x 14 trays, batteries (2 x AA)

Med-Q is America’s #1 Smart PillBox 

best pillbox for caregivers
Med-Q is America’s best pillbox for caregivers with LITE-BOX Technology 

The Med-Q smart pill box uses triple alarms .

 One to guide.  pillbox testimonials Another to to remind.  Finally,  one to keep reminding.  Moreover, the LITE-Box technology has been a hit with seniors.  To illistrate, an automatic Medication Dispenser has a locking key system .   Furthermore, it has 28 medication compartments with up to four times per day.  Alarm tones and a blinking light alert the patient and will not turn off until the pill dispenser is tilted on its side. By the same token, the Automatic Medication Dispenser includes three discs.  Consequently, can be inserted to indicate the day.  In addition the week and the time of day.  Hence,  depending on the number of doses needed daily.

medication boxA 31 daily prescription medication containers. Each of the daily pill boxes has Four smaller compartments for the morning, noon, evening as well as night time. It has a alarm to alert you  as well as up to 4 alarms daily. The user should make sure that the green topped containers are manually flipped over to red to show the user that they had already taken their medictions

Weekly Medication Reminder. 

This pill organizer alarm has individual pill boxes that you fill throughout the day.   Set alarms for the different times to take the different doses.    At dosing time, the pill box with alarms will alert you by either beeping or  vibrating. Glowing Cap for Prescription Bottles. This is a wifi bottle will link to the Web for daily reminders of when to take your supplements. You use a computer to program when they need to be taken. Then, at that time, a light on the bottle cap flashes. After 30 minutes, an alert sounds.  If the bottle  has not been opened, an automated  call will be to the patient.

med-q smart pill box
med-q smart pill box

Pill Turtle Weekly Pill Box  This simple pillbox keeps track of your drugs and comes with a reminder alarm clock and timer. It has 7 large compartments with Braille markings and raised letters to show the days of the week. This cute, turtle-shaped organizer will keep you on time and in style.

7 Alarm Vibrating DAILY Pillbox Timer   e-drug 7 Alarm Vibrating or Sound Alarm Timer and Daily Pillbox complete with Batteries. Up to seven (7) daily alarms and seven (7) daily medication compartments.

Tab Tote Monthly PillBox Reminder

pill box reminder

This pillbox holds up to 4 weeks of drugs. Each of the is labeled 1 to 30 for each day of the month. You can load 15 days at a time. The large lid rotates to open only one day’s dose at a time.Old Fashion PillBox

This 7-day pillbox has compartments that are marked with the seven days of the week. Some of these Pill Boxes come equipped with AM as well as PM compartments.  This is for a morning and an evening dose. This pill organizer is great if your traveling or on-the-go since you can detach exactly the days you need.Twice A Day Weekly PillBox with Alarms

The simple “Old Fashion” pillbox is a Medication holder.

 It is for people taking meds Twice each. There are separate pill box compartments for each dose.  They come in many different sizes and capacities.  Hopefully, these pill box ratings will help in your decision. More info about an Alzheimer’s Pill Reminders.

programmable pill reminder
best automatic pill dispenser
 Med-Q Electronic PillBox Rating can be helpful for sales that ares Available for Institutional Sales.
best pillbox for caregivers
MED-Q is the best pillbox for caregivers



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