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4 Ways to Safely Reduce the Medications You Take

How to Safely Reduce the Medications You Take

Multiple prescriptions can cause harm, but you can cut back

Multiple prescriptions can cause harm and negative side effects

Firstr, there are ways to Safely Reduce the Medications You Take, However, there are  ways to cut back.  Indeed, this can be done without losing the prescription medication therapeutic benefit.  Again, the question is how to Safely Reduce the Medications taken.  First step, write down the medications you take.  Second, bring the list to the doctor.  Third,  ask about the different combination pills.  For example, combinations for conditions such as diabetes as well as high blood pressure.

Whos is taking Prescription Meds? (According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.)

  • First, , Roughly 50%  to more than 65% of Individual  Americans take at least one prescription drug daily
  • Second, 20% (1 in 5 Americans) are taking over 3 prescribed drugs daily 
  • Third, 10%  take 5-6 prescriptions a day.  Furthermore,  the numbers only climb as individuals get older.

In addition, try to add  in the OTC ( over-the-counter medications)  and supplements many take,. Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder with alarm,ms staff write says, "This is often  a recipe for an unstable chemical cocktail that threatens therapeutic benefit.  In fact, it may leaving patients worse off than before they started taking the these specific pills".  To sum up, be proactive to Safely Reduce the Medications You Take

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The potential risks are very high for patients who take lots of different medications


reduce the medications

Dr. Gerardo Moreno, assistant professor of family medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California–Los Angeles, and co-director of UCLA’s MyMed’s program says , “There’s a risk of drug-drug interactions; there’s a risk of drug-disease interactions.”  Hence, there are ways to Safely Reduce the Medications You Take.

Moreno further explains,  the risks from from individuals’ use of multiple drugs at the same time, is called  polypharmacy.

To illustrate, mistakes can  lead to emergency room visits as well as long term hospitalizations.  Another example, , worsen a disease state or cause additional mental and physical  issues.   For example, experiencing brain fog.  A typical example,  talking pills that have acetaminophen ( the ubiquitous active ingredient in Tylenol),  can lead to liver damage over periods of time.


  1. the simultaneous use of multiple drugs to treat a single ailment or condition.

    the simultaneous use of multiple drugs by a single patient, for one or more conditions.

4 Ways to Safely Reduce the Medications You Take to keep a loved one as safe as possible

1. First, ask and get answers to  all questions answered before taking a new type of medication.

For example, what will this new medication treat?   Another example, ask how long the time period is.  In addition, inquire about the risk of negative kinds of side effects.   Again, are there potential interactions with drugs I’m currently taking, needs to be asked. Take advantage of the face to face time with the health care professional.    “The opportune time is when it’s being prescribed, the first time,” Moreno says. “Because when they’re prescribing that blood pressure pill, it is time to ask,  ‘Well, is there an alternative treatment I can do?’”  For example, pharmaceutical alternatives, such as lifestyle changes and exercise.

2. Try to Shift to fewer medications while transitioning

First of all, many believe are over medicated.  For example,  particular that children that are  taking medication for mental health conditions.  These kids face complex issues that will often need multiple therapeutic approach.  Hence, the approaches will often change over time.

First,  you can lower the risk as well as the  number of medications taken.  Importantly,  better coordination of care from hospitals,, outpatient centers as well as the doctor's’ offices.   To sum up, better coordination will help kids who are overmedicated.  Whereas, will happen with kids  coming home after a hospitalization,

3. Make a list of everything you’re taking.

First, write down the name of the medication.  Second, have the list include what the medication is suppose to treat. Don't stop at the prescription medications.  Third, include all the OTC vitamins or supplements taken.  Furthermore, these Over the Counter pills can  have side effects that may cause negative interacts with prescribed drugs.

4. Review and Update all the medications and OTC Pills on a regular basis.

Clearly, Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder with alarm makes this recommends  men and women, particularly older patients, to meet with their primary health care provider once a year.  The goal,  discuss the medications they are currently take.  In addition  this, try:

  • First,  see if they are working
  • Second, are there any negative side effects
  • Third,  look for opportunities to safely lower the number of pills that are being taken
  • Fourth,  disconting medications no longer needed .  For example, when a condition has gone away.  Another example,  because they have not shown any long-term benefits.
  • Fifth, Are you using a smart Pill Reminder With Alarm and Timers

"Nevertheless, medications have been marketed to treat a certain condition. It sort of treats the symptoms, but the studies and the data don’t show that long-term it really makes a difference as far as outcomes," Moreno says, whether it’s reducing heart attacks or strokes, adding years to a patient’s life or improving their quality of life.

Frequently, people are taking medications long after the issue has gone away.  Conversely,  Doctors fail to discontinue prescribing a drug, even after it’s no longer needed.  To sum up, the simplest way to Safely Reduce the Medications You Take. 

Prevent harm and negative side effects from Multiple prescriptions

First, take a proactive stance with cutting back on Multiple prescriptions.  Keep in mind,  there are  smart ways to cut back on needless medications .  Fact, cutting back can, in addition to,not losing the prescription medication therapeutic benefit as well as their benefits.  Again, the question to ask the doctor, "How Can I Safely Reduce the Medications I am taking?".  

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