MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder with alarms for Alzheimer's

How to Best Manage Your Meds

Staying organized is the best way to prevent potentially dangerous medication errors

MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder with alarms for Alzheimer'sFirst of all, it stands to reason: The more prescription medications as well as OTC supplements one is taking, the chances of mistakes grow.  Subsequently, this is why a Smart Pill Organizers  to Manage Your Meds is so important.   For example,  skipping a dose, taking the wrong pill and even double or triple dosing can be deadly.  There are better ways to manage medications than the old fashion pill organizer.  To sum up, upgrade to the new generation of medication reminders to ensure good health and well being.

How to Best Manage Your Meds and supplements

Med-Q Medication Compliance System tells us that it’s essential to get your medications organized,.  For example,  using such things as “smart”daily pill organizers.  In addition, try taking on these helpful steps:

1. Put prescription medications in a smart pill organizer with alarms.

The new generation of medication reminders are not the same as your Grandma’s old fashion pillbox.  The newest medication organizers are programmable and have flashing guides and beeping alarms.  The prices range between 40-2500 dollars.

2. Everyone must have  a current witten log.

Hence, the list ough to include all prescription  medications as well as all OTC (over-the-counter) pills and supplements. First of all,  include the brand name as well as the generic names Second of all, write down the dosage as well as the dosing schedule.  Third, the exact reason that they are being taken.  Fourth, list the name of the prescribing physician. Fifth,  special advice, for example, whether it should be  taken with food or drink. Finally, Describe the shape and color of the meds. Many people will also include the pharmacy’s phone number..

  • For example of good premade forms:

  1. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) “My Medicine Record,”
  2. Personal Medicine Form” from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices
  3. My Medicine List” from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

3. Make Copies of all Medications being taken

First of all, put the list  your wallet or purse.  In addition, , post another copy of the list somewhere in the home Finally,  give extra copies to friends, family member as well as the caregiver. Conversely, update  the log regularly with your health care professionals.  They ought to make sure it’s current.  In addition, the list lets them check for medication  might not be needed.

4. Consider a Medication pill-tracking smart phone app

MED-Q reviewed 8 of the most widely used apps.  First, many were hard to use .  Others didn’t do enough to protect  privacy. However, we found 3 that MED-Q Smart Pill Reminder with alarm  think are worth a try:

All three apps lets the users add medications by their name as well as dosage.   The alarm clock feature acts as a pill reminder for when it’s pill time.   They will also tell you when it’s time to get refills. Medisafe will also alert caregivers if you miss a med. Both CareZone and Medisafe also let you store doctor and pharmacy contact info. Medisafe has the ability to check for drug interactions.  All 3 apps  are HIPAA-compliant. That means that under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, your health information is protected by encryption and regular security updates. Still, read all privacy policies.

First of all, apps are a modern alarm clock.

They will not ensure medications will be taken.  Having a reminder that is not part of the medication system adds another level of complexity in a are full of “room for error”  To sum up, whether you use a Smart Pill Organizers  to Manage Your Meds or a smarp pillbox app, pick the best one for you.

Again Med-Q Smart Medication Reminder offers , a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.  Med-Q smart pill organizers to manage offers FREE Standard Shipping & Handling. Award Winning Customer Service.

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