MED-Q Amazing Smart PillBox Alarm Success Story

MED-Q Amazing Smart PillBox Alarm Success Story

Steven M.  was stressing over putting his 86-year-old Dad in a Nursing Home.

Steven’s father has had two Emergency Room visits in the last 9 months from medication errors.  His father was not using a Smart PillBox Alarm .  The PILLBOX that didn’t remind him to take his pills.  It was not a smart pillbox alarm or any type of medication timer.  The American College of Preventive Medicine says 25 % of nursing homes admits are premature.

senior patient and doctor

America's Best Smart PillBox Alarm

The  ACPM says, “The #1 cause, medication errors. ”    Steven said, ” We were ready to put Dad in a home.  However we tried the Med-Q Smart PillBox Alarm.  We set the alarms go off at 8 AM and 10 PM every day.  Dad hasn’t missed a dose in over three-months. We stopped looking at nursing homes and he is doing fine at home.” This is a typical Med-Q Smart Pill box with alarms  success story.  You can expect the same results if mom forgetting pills has become a problem.

smart pillbox alarm
MED-Q smart pillbox alarm

Med-Q's Life Saving Features gives Quality of Life and Independence

  • MED-Q Smart PillBox Alarm is Better
  • First of all an Old Fashion Plastic 7 day pillbox simply don’t work
  • Second of all a Telephone Reminders only cause frustration
  • Third of all a Daily Home visits from Caregivers is Expensive and Intrusive
  • In conclusion, Posti-Notes are ineffective and confusing and make the problem worse

MED-Q Smart PillBox Success Story

Again, Smart Medication Box with Triple Alarms.  Furthermore, An old fashion PillBox is nothing more than a medication box.  Morover, There was no way to remind his Dad to take his medication.  By the same token,  Med-Q Smart Pillbox has a triple alarm reminder system.   This Medication timer with it's Audio and Visual alarms makes forgetting and overdosing virtually impossible.  MedQ Saves more than Lives ---CLICK--- Cost of a 1 Bedroom Assisted Living Facility monthly cost in your State. More Alzheimer’s PillBox Reminder  @ Google+ Facebook Youtube

smart pillbox alarmMed-Q 7 Day Pillbox alarm means no Decisions

Med-Q 7 Day Pill Organizer with Alarms to the Rescue.  Did I take Them??  Did I forget??  You Can Make Sure.   No Decisions means No Mistakes.  Set your 7 Day Pill Organizer with Alarms and Never forget.   Med-Q Smart Pillbox alarm will Flash while the alarm gets get Louder and Louder.    Miss a Pill?…No Problem.   Med-Q Smart Pillbox  repeats it’s full 5 Minute Alarm Cycle every 30 Minutes until the pills have been taken.   The 7 Day Medication Box alarm's FLASHING LITE-BOX  guides the user to the exact dose at the exact time.

 7 Day PillBox with alarms Designed to help the Caregiver

It is estimated that over 31 Million people are taking care of family or friends.  this number is sure to rise.  The 7 day Pill box with alarms is the best tool to make sure.  Mom forgetting pills? Dad Forgetting medication is more than a nuisance.  These type of med mistakes can destroy the Quality of Life.  Your Med-Q 7 day Pill Organizer should be your first part of a "good health" plan. CLICK HERE to see the TOP CAREGIVER'S TIPS.

Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer's

AGE INDUCED MEDICATION MISTAKES.  As People age it is normal to make mistakes with their pills.  The Medical term for forgetting or overdoing is, AIMM’S (Age Induced Medication Errors).   Our 7 day pill organizer with alarms is the solution.   Do not confuse this with Alzheimer's or Dementia.

MED-Q 7 Day Pill Box with Alarms

Med-Q PillBox with alarms is available of Institutional sales.  The Smart Pil Box has proven successful in Nursing Homes. By the same token, Assisted living and For Home health care.  To sum up,  not your Grandma's Old fashion 7 day pill organizer.

Try the Med-Q 7 Day Pill Organizer with Alarms for Thirty days, Risk free.   If you don't think it is the perfect solution to forgetting and overdosing, simply return it for a 100% refund .  However, we are sure you will love your Med-Q 7 Day Pill Box with Alarms as well as wonder how you ever lived with out it.  Med-Q 7 day pill organizer with alarms remembers, so you don't have to.

smart pill box with alarmMed-Q is the Best PillBox Alarm for Seniors

The Best pillbox to store Prescription Medication. Why do you need the best pillbox?   The Best pillbox is a medication box to store and arrange Vitamins, Supplements as well as Prescription Medication.  How do you recall your pills and take them in the right measurement and at the right time?  A Pillbox is  helpful for going as they consolidate numerous solution bottles into a Pil Box. For a long time and in numerous societies, pill boxes were little wood and metal holders.  Some had Individual compartments and some without.

First, America's Best Smart PillBox Alarm for the Elderly.  Second, Pill boxes ought to be water tight with a tight cover.  third, Old Fashion pillbox is rectangular shaped box with seven or 14 compartments.  Fourth, Every compartment has a Letter stamped on it for the day of the week. Finally,  boxes range in size so shoppers can pick a size that hold all their pills.Smart Pill Alarm

Pick the best pillbox alarm for You

In the event that the one-week configuration is favored, however individuals need to fill more than one, they can buy a few boxes. The disadvantage to this configuration is that the individual needs to recall what every pill is for and when to take it.  Also, the compartments are frequently the same shading.  This causes confusion with seniors which leads to mistakes.

Redesigned pill boxes give more choices. Individuals can choose boxes that are Braille encoded. Much more helpful is the best pillbox alarm for every day.  This is for morning, day time and evening pills.

med-q smart pillbox alarmMed-Q Smart PillBox with Alarms Conclusion

Numerous individuals are intimidated when the look at a bunch of pill bottles.  It is no better with push prescription pills through foil wrappers. The average 65 year old takes 6 pills per day, and experience issues arranging them and taking them properly. People who are suffering for Alzheimer's or Dementia  can use a smart Pillbox.

med-q smart pillbox timer
med-q smart pillbox

This will not work in they late stages.. Some people can be fine with a cheap pillbox. to help them take their prescriptions and vitamins.  Finding the right one involves doing your homework. The basic plastic box is cheap and is nothing more than a pill organizer.  Cutting Edge Technology has brought.

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