Top 10 Medication Management tips

Top 10 Medication Management tips

Top 10 Medication Management tips

First, The top medication management tips can and will improve seniors Quality of Life.  First of all,  41 percent of Americans aged 60 and up take five or more prescription medications. Again, this same study found that 55% of seniors take their medications wrong.  For example, the wrong dose at the wrong time. To sum up, there are ways that you or your caregiver assure that prescription medications and supplements are being taken properly.

Med-Q smart medication reminder with alarm
Med-Q smart medication reminder

Use a Smart Medication Reminder or Medication Pill Box is #1 on the Top 10 Medication Management tips

Seniors have AIMM's (Age induced medication mistakes).  Hence, a problem for people as they get older.  Forgetting to take life saving medications is noty like forgetting where you left the TV remote.  To illustrate, medication errors lead to over 100 Thousand  deaths ins the US every year.

This is why a Smart Medication Reminder or Medication Pill Box is so important.  The new generation of medication reminders have blasting alarm and flashing guides.  May have a backup that will leave you a text if the individual is not taking their pills.  

Bring the list to Keep an updated list of all the medications being taken

Make sure to Keep an updated list of all the medications that you or your loved on is now being taken.  First, make sure the list has the name of the medication.  In addition, include the frequency of the doses.  Furthermore, the way it should be taken.  Finally, what is the  purpose and the duration.
• Even so, the list needs to also have all OTC (over-the-counter) medications, vitamins and herbal supplements. Definitely. even these medications can cause side effects or possible dangerous interactions.

• First, have a seperate copy in your wallet or purse. Second, have copies being held by family members or friends.  Finally, keep a copy on the refrigerator in case of an emergency situation.

• The American Geriatrics Society offers a free drug and supplement diary template.  In addition, the  National Institutes of Health also has a free medication chart template.  Hence, a quick and easy way to create your list.

Med-Q medication reminder system for medication management
Med-Q medication reminder system for medication management

Bring the list at all doctor’s appointments

Again, a list will give the doctor the best, updated record of your current medications.  With accurate information, doctors can prevent  any potentially harmful drug interactions.  The second reason, the list will lower the risk of many different pills being prescribed for the same illness.

Try to Stay informed about the medication being taken

First, read the patient information sheets and instructions that come with the medicine.  Hence users will know about any adverse reactions.  For example, reactions that  occur with  food as well as liquid. Be mindful. many medications  have confusing names as well as look the same.  In the event that   there are possible side effects or adverse reactions from your medication, contact your health care provides ASAP.

A list of the 1-5 Top  Medication Management tips

  1.  Again, As you get older, the human body will metabolize medicine differently. Consequently, talk to your health care professional to make certain dosage are age-appropriate.
  2. Always, keep the number of pharmacies and doctors that you visit to a minimum.  Med-Q Smart Medication Reminder recommends you use One pharmacy for all your meds.  This help to make communication easier to manage.
  3. Conversely, find a system for remembering the correct time and dose of your medication that works and stick to it. To keep track of multiple medications, use a smart Medication Reminder or Medication Pill Box. Some pharmacies can even put the pills in the mart Medication Reminder or Medication Pill Box for you.  
  4. Set an alarm (Med-Q Smart Medication Reminder or Medication Pill Box ) or find a reminder telephone service to alert.  They will call each time your medication needs to be taken.
  5. Store your medications safely in accordance with the package inserts.  Most pills ought to be stored in a cool, dry, dark  places.  Finally, stored out of the reach of children.
Med-Q medication reminder or medication pill reminder
Med-Q medication reminder or medication pill reminder

A list of the 6-10 Top  Medication Management tips

  1. Storing Prescription  medication in the bathroom is usually not the best location. Light, heat and humidity will lower the medicine’s effectiveness.
  2. Discuss all medication changes with your primary doctor before one adds or stops any medications.  Furthermore, be sure to have a yearly appointments to talk to the doctor about medications.  Finally,  whenever a prescription or over-the-counter medication is added, find out why.
  3.  Do not use any medication.  Again, the same applies with over-the-counter pills.  To illustrate,  medicine will break down and lose it's effectiveness over time.  Finally, be sure to take expired medicine can be placed in a sealed bag to the pharmacy for proper disposal.
  4. Nonetheless, never medication that was prescribed to others.  Again, not even  if your symptoms are the same.
  5.  Above all, check with your doctor before attempting trying to “catch up” on any missed doses.  Click here for other Medication Management tips.
Finally, Smart Medication Reminder or Medication Pill Box is the #1 of the Top 10 Medication Management tips

To sum up,  Med-Q's Pharmacists will fill a medication.  Med-Q  and timer offers FREE Standard Shipping & Handling. At last, Award Winning Customer Service.

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