May 12, 2018

Tips to prevent Medication Errors

Tips to prevent Medication Errors

Consider using an Automatic Pill reminder with alarms

  • The number One way to  prevent Medication Errors is using an automatic pill reminder with alarm.  There are dozens of different pill reminders available.  For example, the MED-Q pill reminder with alarms.  This Pill box will flash the in individual compartment holding that times dose.  Furthermore, the alarm will repeat every thirty minutes until the prescription pills have been taken.  Remember, medication will not work if it isn’t taken.

Smart Pill ReminderTry to start using a name alert.

  • Some health care institutions use name alerts.  The reason,  to prevent patient names that sound alike from the increased chance of a medication mix up. For example,  Johnson and Johnston can easily be mixed up.  Ig is very easy to confuse the two.  Hence,  that name alerts are posted in front of the MAR.

A Medication Administration Record or MAR (eMAR for electronic versions) is the report that serves as a legal record of the drugs administered to a patient at a facility by a health care professional. The MAR is a part of a patient’s permanent record on their medical chart.

  •   This has been shown to prevent medication errors.

Always be sure to pit a “Zero”o in front of the decimal point.

  • A dosage of 0.45 mg can be mixed up with 45 mg without the zero in front of the decimal point.  To illustrate, this can result in an negative outcome for the individual.

Document  all of the medications.

  • What does this mean?  First of all,  medication labeling.  Second of all, have legible documentation.  Third of all, be certain to have their proper recording of administered medication.  Again, a good place for an automatic pill reminder with alarms  . Not having this kind of documentation for the medications may lead to errors. For example, a caregiver forgetting to document that the pills were taken.  In fact,  this may lead to another dose being taken.  Finally, reading the pill bottle label as well as it’s expiration date of the prescription is also important.  This should be followed closely. medication is also another best practice. A correct medication can have an incorrect label or vice versa.  To sum up, being careful can avoid to a med error.

Store medications  properly

For example, pills that need to be kept cold should be refrigerated at all times.   On the other hand, pills that ought to be kept at room temperature should be stored accordingly. Furthermore, many of the biological s need to be refrigerated.  To illustrate, when a  multi dose vial is used, it must be used correctly.  Never to be used beyond its expiration date from the date it was first opened up.pill reminder alarm system for epilepsy

Consider using a drug guide.

There are many useful drug guides available.  Both in  print as well as  electronically.  The one you chose is a matter of personal choice.  The will show things including:

  1. trade and generic names
  2. therapeutic class
  3. drug-to-drug interactions
  4. dosing
  5. side effects/negative  reactions,

Utilizing any or all of the above strategies can help to prevent or reduce medication errors.

Never stop to remember that a medication error can lead to a fatal outcome.  To sum up, this is why med safety matters.prevent Medication Errors

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