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5 Tips to Prevent Medication Errors

5 Tips to Prevent Medication Errors

How to try to Prevent Medication Errors

prevent medication errors

There are many ways that you can take a proactive stance on ways to prevent medication errors.  First of all, be sure to know the name of the prescription medication. Don't make this common mistake,  simply letting the health care professional write out a script just to then send you on your way.  Always ask the specific  name of all of  the medications.  Hence,  you ought to see if the pharmacist gave out something different than before.   Furthermore,  when receiving a refill, check the pills before you leave the pharmacy.  Hence,  make sure it looks like what you had before. For example:

  • Is it the same size
  • Is it a different  shape
  • Is it in the same type of packaging
  • Is there anything about the pills or supplements look different

Finally, be sure to ask the pharmacist before you leave if you have any questions or concerns.

Computerized Medication Compliance System to help Prevent Medication Errors

Pill Reminder with Alarms
MED-Q Pill Reminder with Alarms

The MED-Q Electronic Medication Management System is a great way to prevent medication errors.   There is a new generation of programmable pill dispensers designed for in  home use.  MED-Q consists of a 14 day pill box reminder.  The system uses new LED LITE-BOX Technology.  Designed to guide the user to the exact dose at the exact time.  Caregivers tell use that  the MED-Q is a "Godsend".  The user friendly design has virtually eliminated medication errors.  The MED-Q looks just like their old pill box and weighs in at under 11 ounces.  This computerized pill box with alarm  sounds a blasting alert to the patient.  First, this  reminds them it's medications time. Second, the FLASHING LED LITE-BOX will guide the user to the exact dose. In conclusion,  No decisions, means no mistakes.

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Smart Pill Box with Alarms
Medication Timer solve Mom Forgetting Pills

Be informed about how to take the medicine

For example, one way to to prevent medication errors is to pick the Doc as well as pharmacist that you are comfortable around.  To illustrate, one that  you can freely ask questions and get good answers. First, a good questions to ask: What do I do if I forget to take one of the doses? Second, ought I take them  before, during, or after eating?  Third,  how much time should pass between doses? Fourth, are there any negative side effects?   The list goes on.

  • Do I call the doctor if there are effects
  • Are there any pills, food, or activities that should  be avoided during treatment
  • Should the prescriptions or Supplements be refrigerator or stored at room temperature

Finally, always take written notes covering important.  To sum up,  is vital to know about the medication.

What does the medication does for you

pill box
pill box

Stephen Setter, Pharm.D. is an  associate professor of pharmacotherapy at Washington State University.  Setter relayed that one of his patients actually was using her glaucoma medication to treat migraine headaches. "So she was taking her eye medication only when she had a headache, but she should have been taking it every day to treat her eye disease," Setter says. Hence, it is obvious that understanding is critical.  to sum up, knowing the medication one is more likely to use it correctly.  In addition, users will better know what to expect from the pills.  Finally, this approach will allow them to  better tell  your doctors and pharmacist any and all problems..

Always Read medicine labels and specifically follow directions.

Before beginning any medication, you should know:

use it. Be sure to read the medication label every time. In the middle of the night, you could accidentally put drops for your ears into your eyes or give your older child's medicine to the baby if you're not careful about checking the label. "Use the measuring device that comes with the medicine," suggests Fitzpatrick. "If you don't have a medicine device for measuring your liquid medicine, ask for one at the pharmacy." Also, read the patient medication information that comes with your prescription thoroughly before using your medication.

Always have a current list of all the meds with you at all times

First, have the current  list of your medications as well as supplements with you at all times.  Second, keep it in your wallet or purse.  In addition, have a complete copy in your house. Third, give the  list  to a family member or  close friend.  Fourth, tell people where you keep your home list.  To sum up, these action in an  emergency situation (911 ER Visit) is vital.   The list will be able to inform the ETE techs what pills and supplements being taken.

Time to take a proactive stance on ways to prevent medication errors. 

To sum up, prevent medication errors by being prepared.  From a smart pill box with alarm to having a list of medication, being prepared can mean the difference between life and death.  For more information visit

tips to prevent medication errors
tips to prevent medication errors
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