Med-Q Pill Dispenser in the Battle with Alzheimer's

Med-Q Pill Dispenser designed for Alzheimer’s

Med-Q Pill Dispenser is the first line of defense when battling Alzheimer's

Photo GalleryFirst, AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes) are common among seniors. Second, This can be solved with a smart pill dispenser or pill box.   Furthermore, The condition will get worse as they age.  Finally, This condition is NOT to be confused with Alzheimer’s. They are totally different and should be treated as such. To sum up,  forgetting can be solved with a smart pill box or some type of smart pill dispenser. Unfortunately, a smart pill dispenser will need help with Alzheimer’s.

What to expect with Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is a slow brain illness. The diseases progression ends with the Death of the afflicted Individual.   Alzheimer’s affects over 115 Million people. Most of those are over 65 years’ old.  Alzheimer’s begins with simple forgetting and advances steadily. Over a period 9-10 years the disease will progress to a point when the individual needs care 100% of the time. They will no longer be able to function and cannot live alone.  This disease robs people of the lives and memories.

Med-Q Medication Organizer Testimonials
Med-Q Medication Organizer Testimonials

Med-Q Pill Dispenser for treatment Options.

There is not current cure.   It can be difficult when taking multiple medications to remember them on a daily basis, so caregivers can take measure to make sure the medication is taken at the correct time in the correct dosage.  A Smart Pill dispenser or pill box usually does the job. By our caregivers assisting elderly persons and their families whether they are at an assisted living facility or home everyone can feel more relaxed because we are there to help.

The following Poem is the best way to TRY to understand what the sufferer is going through

  • Don’t try to make me remember, Don’t try to make me Understand
  • Let me rest and know that you are with me, Kiss me on the Cheek
  • I am confused beyond your concept, I am sad, sick and lost
  • Don’t; lose patience with me, Don’t scream, scold or cry
  • Just remember I need you now that Most of Me is gone
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