Programmable pill reminder with alarm and timer

MED-Q 14 Day Pill Reminder With Alarms For Loved one’s

MED-Q 14 Day Pill Reminder With Alarms For Loved one's Well Being and good health

Med-Q 14 Day Pill Reminder with Triple Alarms. Mom and Dad really need a SMART 7 DAY PILL BOX WITH ALARMS. Med-Q 14 Day Pill Reminder with alarms is the smart solution.   First of all, Seniors  should be using a smart pill reminder with alarms.  Second of all,  American's  life expectancy is on the rise every year.  This means an aging population.  Finally, an aging population is going to rely on prescription medication.  Proper dosing will have a direct impact on Quality of Life. Your Dad will tell you , "I am not forgetful".  Furthermore, one of the reasons for the attitude, they don;t want to admit to mistakes. In fact, seniors will say that they never over dose or forget.  To sum up, the data shows otherwise. 

programmable pill reminder with alarmDid you know that Medication errors are the #3 leading cause of preventable deaths?

Let's Use your Imagination.  Imagine this.....Every Morning a Boeing 747 Airliner crashing with no survivors.  Then imagine the same thing happening in the afternoon.   Every single day.  This is the same number of preventable medication related deaths every year.

MED-Q 14 day pill reminder with alarms is a modern medical In aid

The Smart 14 Day day pill reminder with alarms  is a  for proper medication compliance.

Medical Definition of Noncompliance. Noncompliance: Failure or refusal to comply. In medicine, the term noncompliance is commonly used in regard to a patient who does not take a prescribed medication or follow a prescribed course of treatment. In contrast, a person who demonstrates noncompliance is said to be noncompliant.

The "Cutting Edge" Medication Management System has a triple alert system.  First of all, the Medication reminders has three kinds of alerts.  Hence, the alerts will remind people to take their pills and supplements.  Of course, they will be taken at the correct time and in the correct doses. Most importantly, a smart 14 day medication reminder with alarm and timer means. preventing forgetting or overdosing on life-saving prescription pills.  To sum up, this is the way that the Pillbox operates.

  • Put in the 2 “AA” batteries.  Med-Q has been designed with a Battery life for up  two full years with normal use.
  • Program you personal pill times you want.  The 14 day  pill  reminder box can  notify you for One or Two Daily Medication Reminders
  • Put the pills and supplements as well as vitamins into the Individual PillBox containers

At the times you have set the Programmable Pill Reminder with alarm and Timer Organizer

 Am/Pm 14 day pillBox reminds the user with 3 kinds of alarms.

  •  Summarize, Alarm 1: Blasting Audio alert
  •  Alarm 2 : Flashing Smart Pill BOXES
  •  Conclude, Alarm 3: Repeats the notifications every 30 minutes until the pills are taken.  

In fact, the problem now has a 21st century solution.  First of all, Elderly Men and Women ought to be using  some type of prescription medication reminder.  Second of all, the reminder will  make sure of  the best possible medical outcomes.  In addition,  MED-Q will also impact Mom or Dad’s ability to stay in their own homes. Unquestionably, Med-Q's top goal, keep them out of Assisted living.  Finally, what can a simple smart Pill box provide?  Therefore, as you can see, you can give loved one’s good health and well being.

Primarily, Med-Q 14 day Pill Box means no decisions to make.  Less decision means less chances of mistakes.

reminder with alarm and timer
Simply contrast, MED-Q Smart reminder with alarm and timer with an old fashion Pillbox.

Meanwhile, talk to your health care professional about the best medication management system.  First, they will analyse your personal needs.  Second, the will recommend the medication pill reminder that works best for you.  Third, many will actually load and program your electronic pill reminder with alarm and timer. 

Remember, this is a very important conversation about your meds should a with the doctor or PA. Subsequently, in the event you you don't understand something, ask.  For example, speak with the doctor before taking any new prescription medication or any type of pill.  

In other words, elderly Individuals need a Electronic Pill Reminder with Alarms and timer

Again, the Med-Q 14 Day Pill Reminder with alarms was designed to prevent mistakes.  As a result, combo of flashing guides, blasting alarms and repeating alarm cycles is your solution to home medication errors.  All in all, with an aging population that suffers from AIMM's (Age Induced Medication Mistakes), a programmable pill reminder with alarm is not a luxury.  Certainly, an end to errors. Remember, medication must be taken properly to  to provide the  Quality of Life Loved Ones deserve.

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