How to Help Aging Parents Manage Medications

How to Help Aging Parents Manage Dementia

How to Help Aging Parents Manage Dementia

dementiaOne reason, read this Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarm article showcasing some of the best caregiver's tips  for coping with Dementia.  First, over the years Med-Q has received some great tips for managing Dementia.   In addition, we'd love to hear your special caregiver tips or tricks.  The goal,  helping others manage  the dementia journey. Please submit  your dementia tips to : Med-Q Smart PillBox  with alarm Caregiver's Corner.

All in all,  don’t let dementia rule your life. This being said, it is not easy and yes there are days when you will want to run away and hide. Take advantage of respite help.  Obviously, people need to look out for themselves.. Try to, let the person tell you what’s going on and agree with them.  In conclusion, tell the dementia sufferer  that everything is perfectly normal.  Most importantly, this will help to avoid argument and other kinds of drama.

The typical Dementia Caregiver's Challenge

Mom went through a phase of searching for her car keys.  In fact, when she couldn;t find them, she would get all panicky. Mom looked and looked, but she couldn’t find them.  First, the family tried explaining that she couldn't drive anymore.  However, it did not register.  In fact, she just got really mad.  In other words, she said, ‘I still need to know where they are.’  Typical dementia behavior.

For example, we put a spare set of non-functioning car keys on a hook by the telephone. When she ‘saw’ them the next day, she was really pleased.   As you can see, we worried  that she might try to use them.  However, no worries, she just put them back on the hook. Hence,  she knew where they were and the panic went away.

New technology such as smart cameras, Have plugs and heating controls.  Hence,  one can control Mum's home from an app on my phone.  Results,  meaning she doesn't have to worry, and neither do i, especially as she won't answer the phone anymore'

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Arnie takes, cares for his Dementia suffering Mom

Most importantly, Arnie got  a white board.  First, he placed it by the the day clock.  We also placed her smart pill box next to it.  Second,  we wrote the daily appointments in HUGE letters.  For example, TAKE YOUR PILLS. with the pill box just below it.  Henceforth, now Mom is able to remind herself whenever she walk by. Finally, the white board  helps keep her independent.  In addition, no more frustration from mom asked the very same question again and again.

The best way to ask questions to someone with dementia

For example,  what they want for dinner.  Give them one or two choices, but not too many.  To illustrate, never ask ‘What do you want for dinner?’ Why,  because they will  struggle to give an answer.Many caregivers will actually hold up pictures of the meals.  Hence, the dementia suffer can just point to what they want.   Finally, the biggest tip,  simply to be positive.

‘My mum, at 94 has had dementia for 10 years.

First, Mum was seeing and hearing things quite a lot. The hallucinating wasd getting worse and worse.  Our doctor recommended that we switch her coffee from regular to decaffeinated.  Initially, it made a huge difference.  The fix remained and the hallucinations stopped.   In fact, one time the caregiver gave her regular coffee by mistake.  The results, within thirty minutes she was having hallucinations. Med-Q Medication Compliance System recommends, trying to switch to decaffeinated drinks is definitely worth a try.

Tweak your Caregiver Strategy as you go.

First, proper Medication management is critical.  In fact  is an ongoing process.

  • Medication adherence usually refers to whether patients take their medications as directed by their health care professional. For example, twice daily, as well as whether they continue to take a prescribed medication and supplements.

However, one you’ll continually tweak and adapt the behaviors of all involved.  In the end, as men and women's physical as well as cognitive mental condition changes. No doubt, prepare for  some painstaking and  challenging caregiver responsibility.  Hence, make sure parents take medications the right way.  Next, these tips will help them stay healthy and independent at home for as long as possible.

Top tips from dementia caregivers

Acceptance is the key to making life better for both you and the Dementia Sufferer. Remember, your acceptance is the key to making thing as good as possible.  This being said, don't fight it.  To start, to live with it and accept the situation.  Finally, acceptance  makes life  less harrowing and less stressful.  To sum up, both you and  your loved one will be more happier.

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