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Choosing the Best Pill Organizer for You

Choosing the Best Pill Organizer for You

What to look for in the best pill organizer.  First of all, when picking out the best pill organizer, you ought  to look at these factors:

The Size of Individual Pillbox Individual Compartments

Best Pill Organizer for You
Med-Q is the Best Pill Organizer for You

For example, if you take extremely large capsules, a large capacity is needed.  To illustrate,  on the amount as well as the size of the pills must be considered.  If you take 2 prescriptions per day, you may be happy with small, compact pillbox compartment.  If not, you will need an extra-large capacity organizer.

Choosing the right Weekly or Monthly Medication Organizer

Some seniors will choose a monthly organizer.  In fact, these pill boxes are good for caregivers or family members.  To illustrate, it is easier to fill the pill boxes every 7 or 30 days. However, monthly organizers tend to be big and bulky.  Obviously, unsuitable for traveling. Weekly organizers are smaller in size.  However, they must be filled more often.

Choosing the Best Pill Organizer for You

Reminder Alarms are for seniors who are forgetful.  A pill box with reminder alarms is a great help.  Both for the senior ans well as their caregiver or family caretakers.  When used i with a pill organizer, the risk of mistakes drops significantly.  Needless to say, this can be extremely useful. Some of the new pill boxes are equipped with built-in alarms.  Some have smart technology that uses smartphone apps to alert users.

Ease of Operation

It’s not easy to find pill organizers that are compact and easy to operate.  Seniors may have issues with hand strength and dexterity.  If the organizer is difficult to use, seniors will not use it.  First,  look for a pill organizer that your Loved One can use.  Second, make sure that they can use it without hardship.  This are is one of the biggest cause of Medication Non-Compliance in seniors.

Is Pill Holder Portability needed

pill organizers
Med-q is America;s #1 Pill Organizer with Flashing Guides and Blasting alarms

Seniors take medication when they are not at home.  Many need to take their prescriptions and supplements while they are at work.  Furthermore, pills are taken when outside the home.  If this is the case, get a pill organizer that is compact.  Second, get one that fits in a purse, pocket, or even a glove compartment. A couple allow users to remove just the days you need from the pill organizer base.

Never Miss a Dose with the Best Pill Organizer for Senior Men and Women

First of all, Pill organizers are important compliance aids.  Second of all. especially critical for elderly men and women who take lots of daily prescription  medications.  The same applies to daily supplements.

MED-Q staff writer, Samuel Demar, tells senior and caregivers, “A smart pill box with alarms is the gift of good health and independence”.  A smart med organizer means , “Not needing to remember each medication, time, and dosage”.  To sum up, when choosing the best pill organizer , here is what to considers.  First,  the size and  number of days it will accommodated.  Second,  additional beneficial features, such as flashing guides,  reminder audio  alarms or removable compartments.

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