MED-Q Programmable PillBox Alarms

The Best Pillbox for Mom

The Best PillBox for Mom to remember Pills

Best Pillbox for MomMedQ Is the Best PillBox for Mom’s Pills

Time to get the best Pillbox for Mom.  Your Mother been to see her doctor.   Mom has been complaining about having pain in her cheat.  Her Health Care Professional ran some medical  tests and discovered  mom was suffering with elevated High Blood pressure.   The doctor prescribed  pills  to be taken every 24 hours at 9 in the morning.  This may sound like this would be no problem. It is very simple,medication don’t work if you can t remember to swallow them.  MedQ is the Best PillBox for Mom remembering Pills.

Best Pillbox for MomPills and Supplements are easy to forget

Seniors have  a diminished faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. This a classic condition for Seniors. The order is refereed to as “Age Induced Medication Mistakes (AIMM’s).  This Typical as we get older.  The Memories of long ago remain active.  But, thing that just happened can not be stored into you long term memory.

Mom Regular Makes Medication Errors

Medications can have marvelous outcomes, but don’t work if Mom is forgetting.  Dad forgetting pills has the same gloomy outcome.  Just taking the pills is not the answer.  The pills have to be ingested,exactly as you were told by your Pharmacist.   You must be sure to take the proper pills at the proper moments  .MedQ offer the Best PillBox for Mom  to solve not remembering and Double or triple overdoing.   What makes a pill box the best Pillbox?  The old Pillbox is no longer current , it’s not modern.

Best Pillbox for Mom
To sum up, Med-Q is the Best Pillbox for Mom

Value a Smart PillBox

Mom took an AM pill.  The meds functioned for Twelve Hours.  What this tell you is that “It’s dangerous to take four or five consequentially.  You need a Er visit or even kill yourself by overdoing.   The flip side of the event,  is that Mom  now doesn’t have the proper level of medication in her system for for 12 hours.  The jump in her BP  can lead to  heart attack or stroke.

Best PILLBOX for Loved Ones

The Old Fashion 7 day pill box is still the number 1 device used for medication management.  This is a pill organizer that will separate out each days pills.  They could be bought virtually anywhere for as little as 99 Cents.  Many are used for advertising purposes and are given away free.  It is important to not that this is NOT a medication timer and will not reminder your Mom.

Med-Q Smart Pill Box with alarms

MedQ is not a dumb pill box.  A Brilliant pillbox has audio alerts.  At your personally set times the best pillbox will cause Mom to think about taking her blood pressure pills. The Flashing lights will guide her to the proper pills to swallow.

Best Pillbox for Mom
Best Pillbox for Mom

Pills  are needed to control our Mom’s Elevated BP.

  The Best Pillbox will make certain that Mom takes her medication at the proper times and the proper amounts.  Pills and Supplements  is where yo should be proactive,    If you wait to long to get a smart pillbox, you will be sorry.     Let The Newest technology offer Dad and Mom the Independence that they want.

Take Care of Your Parents

With mom ageing, she needs you assistance.  Now is the time for the role plays to change. Now it’s your responsibility to make it easier for mom to remember to fake her meds.  MedQ Is the Best PillBox for Mom.  The Smart Pill box is saving lives every pill box

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