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Best Pill Reminder for Seniors


The Best Pill Reminder Choices


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How do you stay healthy and getting your pills and supplements at the exact right time when your body needs them is vital, but sometimes Seniors forget or over-dose.  Taking your medication should be simple, hence the need for a pill reminder.  

Any type of pill reminder will help a lot.  There are a plethora of smart pill boxes and pill organizers for sale.  These pillboxes make adhering to your medication regimen easy.  It works for both of the big medication problems.  Making sure you take it and making sure you don’t accidentally over-dose.  What is the Best pill reminders for you?  Remember, these are not your Grandma Old fashion Pill box.

1. Telephone App Medication Reminder

This medicine reminder is a smartphone application.  It can easily manage numerous people’spills and vitamins thanks to multiple profiles. It can also be programmed to track your prescriptions.  It will even remind you when you are getting close to running out.  Android is a free app for iOS and Android phone.  It’s the highest rated and most downloaded medicine reminder at the Apple store.  The Apple app is the best pill reminder for you phone

2. Tabtime Vibe Vibrating Pill Reminder

If you are having troubled remembering your pills you are not unique  Try one of the new wave pillboxes to help to stop forgetting.  Tab Time Vibrating Pill Reminder has five compartments for up to five daily pills.  The pillbox beeps and vibrate when it’s time to take your medicine.  It is very small and will fit in your pocket.  Tab time is the best pill reminder to keep in your pocket.

3. Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder

Med-Q smart pill box is a new triple alarm pill organizer. Many users feel this is the pill reminder.  Med-Q will hold up to 14 days worth of pills.  Med-Q Pill reminder will start flashing and beeping at the programmed time.  The LED LITE-Box will light-up the individual box holding that times doses.  If you miss a dose, it will repeat every thirty minutes until the pills have been taken.  The cost is around fifty dollars.  This is the Best Pill Reminder for the Price. 


4. Pill Pack

You can have pillpack do everything for you.  You don’t even have to go tho the pharmacy.  When you enroll in the service you will get:

The service will notify the doctor to confirm your medicine schedule,  You have to do is pay attention to the time and date printed on each individual pack so you don’t make mistakes.  PillPack also has a smart phone application that allows users to set various reminders times.

An old fashion pillbox is not doing the job.  In today’s hectic world medication users need to use modern technology to make sure they stay medically compliant.  Pick the best pill reminder for your particular needs.

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