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Pill Reminder Medicine List prevents accidents

How to use Med-Q's Medicine List

First of all, a good  Medicine List will greatly help  keep track of all prescription medications.  The same applies to OTC (Over the Counter Vitamins and supplements).    Everything in the pill reminder with alarms should be on the medicine list.  Again, everything that is taken that will help to give the best Quality of life.  To sum up,  keep you healthy and independent.

Have all the contents of  pill reminders  medicines one one list

Furthermore, giving the list to the health care professional, pharmacist or, hospital healthcare workers are able to take better care of you.   Remember, taking a proactive stance in medication management will help to ensure the best possible outcomes.  From a smart pill reminder to a up-to-date medicine list, you can keep in control of good health and wellbeing.

Start using MED-Q's Medicine List today

Medication ListFirst, sit down with your health care provider.  Furthermore, they will help you fill out the form.  Again when filling out the form, have a  complete medicines  and supplements in front of you. Obviously,  include medications prescribed by all pharmacies that you use,. In addition, includes all OTC vitamins and supplements ( herbs as well as different  minerals)

Next, think about what you take in the morning, afternoon, around dinner time and bed time.  First,  every medicine (including ones you get without a prescription), vitamin or herb need to be written down,  There should be a copy in your purse or wallet.  In addition, an updated copy should be kept with a friend or family member.

Things that need to be written down:

• First, The name of the pill or tablet that is being taken.  For example, like Tylenol, Acetaminophen 500 mg.
• Second, the exact dose.  To illustrate, is it a  pill,  drops or tablet.
• Third, it's visual appearance.  Again, is it round, colorful or even a clear liquid tablet
• How is the dose taken.  For example, with food or water.  Other examples, orally or with a needle.  Are you using a pill reminder to ensure proper times?
• The date you started taking them
• You will stop taking them in the future
• Finally, the exact reason this specific pill is being taken.  Question,  is it for arthritis, blood pressure or even to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. A
• Likewise, The name of the doctor that prescribed it.


Yet, when stopping to take the specific medication or start taking something new, be sure to update the Medicine List.  Whereas, you see the doctor, bring the medication list.  Not withstanding, the same applies with the pharmacist.  In like manner, brin it with for all tests and procedures.Finally, bring it the hospital or emergency room.  To sum up, always have a copy of your medicine list with you.  If you have any questions about your medicines, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

This medicine list for:



Birth date:


If you need to contact me

Phone Number: ________________________________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________________________

Emergency contact

Phone Number: ________________________________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________________________

I am allergic to:


I also have some other problems with medicines:


Questions for my doctor or pharmacist:

 Pill Reminder Medicine List prevents accidents

To sum up,  Pill Reminder Medicine List prevents accidents.  Finally, Med-Q  gives FREE Standard Shipping. At last, Award Winning Customer Service.

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