The Person I am Caring For:

impact of medication errors
Caregivers need Help

(1 Point) Takes more than 5 different medications and supplements every day.

(1 Point) Lives in their own home or independent residence.

(2 Points) Lives without a spouse or companion.

(2 Points) Has been warned by Health Care Professional about medication issues.

(2 Points) Wants to continue living independently.

(1 Point) Uses both routine and as-needed medications.

(1 Point) Has doctors’ orders to take medications at specific times or multiple times a day.

(2 Points) Has forgotten pills, double dosed or “Mixed-UP” the day of the week more than once.

(2 Points) Has trouble remembering to take their medications on time.

(3 Points) Has experienced at least one accidental overdose of prescription medications.

(3 Points) Has ongoing health problems because of under-medicating or over-medicating.

(4 Points) Has experienced a major health event (such as a heart attack) because of under-medicating or over-medicating

Total Score is 7+

Med-Q is perfect for your loved one!

Med-Q is perfect for seniors that are having trouble taking their prescription medications. Specifically, the right time and the right doses  Many with a complex medication regimens have caregiver help.  However, caregivers may not always be available to help. Med-Q is like having alive-in caregiver every day at mediation time.  No decisions means no mistakes.

Total Score is 5-6

Med-Q is a good solution 

Your loved one may have been able to get by with an old fashion  pillbox or manual pill organizer.  Now is the time may need a solution that can handle more complexity.  Having a smart pill dispenser, you can prevent accidents before they happen.

Results: Score is 3-4

You should be using a MED-Q Smart Pill Box with LITE-Box Technology

Here is the question to ask, How many medication mistakes are “OK”?.  The simple answer is, NONE.  Seniors need a solution that can handle more complexity now and down the road. Med-Q is the first line of defense for good health and well being.

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