America’s #1 Smart Pill Box

MED-Q Pill box is America’s #1 Smart Pill Box

Are you using a Smart Pill Box?

#1 smart pill box
MED-Q Smart Pill Box

Finally, Med-Q Pill Box Flashing Guides and Loud Alarms repeats every 30 Minutes automatically. No more Time, Day or Dose Decisions. No more forgetting or over-dosing with Med-Q Smart Pill Boxes. Watch the Amazing Video.

America’s #1 Smart Pill Box

Using a DUMB Pill Box? Try America’s #1 Smart PillBox with LED LITE-BOX and Triple Alarms in your own home, 100% Risk Free. Our Smart Pill Boxes are not a useless pill holder. Med-Q Smart Pill Boxes remembers for you!

Using Pill Reminder phone calls?

med-q smart pill dispenser

Not with the Best Pill Organizer. No more Post-Its with the Smart Pill Holder. Med-Q being the Smart Pill Organizer means the right pills at the right time. Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder to the rescue.

The Smart PillBox means Senior’s stay in their own Homes

Being a Caregiver is the most rewarding and underappreciated responsibly someone can have. The Physical toll on the Caregiver and their family can be overwhelming. Our Smart Pill Holder was designed to reduce the caregiver’s workload with the Smart Pill Organizer alarms.

The Best Pill Organizer is like having a Live-In-Nurse at Medication time.

Med-Q had the goal of making the best pill organizer ever for Caregivers.. Our Smart Pill Reminder exceeded that goal. Finally, pill boxes that actually work.

The costs of Assisted Living has skyrocketed in the last ten years.  Med-Q is the #1 Smart Pill Box with alarms that keeps loved ones at home. With Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder no need to spend Hundreds of thousand of dollars on assisted living. Just try the Smart Pill Box. Med-Q is more than a pill holder or a basic pill box. To sum up, Med-Q is the Best Pill Holder.

Med-Q , the #1 pill reminder for Loved ones.  To sum up, take care of family and friends.  Moreover a proactive stance will give the gift of Independence as well as good Health.pillbox

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