Med-Q medication reminder alarms prevents Mistakes

Med-Q Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia sufferers

The best pill dispenser for dementia sufferers

Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia

Med- Q is the Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia

What to look for in the best pill dispenser for dementia

First, this is a matter of life or death.  Second, make sure that seniors and the elderly to use the best pill dispenser for dementia medication management.  Why is medication compliance so hard for seniors and their caregivers? Taking prescription medications and supplements properly is an exhausting challenge.  Furthermore, so many of the pills look the same.  It is really hard to remember which of the pills to take.

  • Noncompliance: Failure  to comply. In medicine, the term non-compliance is is a patient who does not take a prescribed medication or follow a prescribed course of treatment as directed by their Health Care Professional. . A person who demonstrates non-compliance is said to be no-compliant.

It is even harder to remember what time to take the different pills

dispenser for dementiaFor the senior who may also be dealing with dementia, it can become impossible.  Furthermore, medication errors can even be dangerous.  Hence, taking prescription  medication properly is critical to overall safety of the dementia sufferer. There are many automatic pill dispensers for dementia.  The one that works best for you is the best automatic pill dispensers for the dementia.

How the Best Pill dispenser with alarm and timer Works

pill dispenserThese Automatic Pill Dispensers can bring peace of mind to caregivers as well as the  family.  Here is the way a smart pill box can help.  First, the caregiver loads the correct pills and dosages into the individual daily pill box compartments.  . The automatic dispenser is then set to remind the user, ” It’s medication time.  At the right time, the machine lights up the compartment holding that times pills.  This guides the senior to right  pills.  The goal of s smart pill dispenser is to  lower the chances of over-medicating.  Moreover, the same applies for under medication. Chances of a medication mistakes will be  reduced with a smart pill dispenser or pill reminder.  Most pill reminders will also come equipped with an alarm letting the caregiver or the senior that it is Pill time.

The Best Pill Dispenser for Dementia suffers

best pill dispenser
MED-Q automatic pill dispenser for seniors

Together with, these new generation of pill reminders are a great helper for  those suffering from dementia.  With the loss of cognitive skills these patients  it’s important to have a loud alarm to remind them to take their pills and supplements.  Hence, these medications could be life-sustaining. It’s also important that the proper doses and combination of pills have been  pre-determined.  Again, the  doses are  ready to go.   Remember, dementia suffers  will often forget.  In fact, they forget how much or how many of a medication that they took. Regardless, if they take too much, his could lead to extremely hazardous side effects, or even an overdose.  Moreover, not taking  their medications is life-threatening. To sum up, Dementia is a very scary disease. Equally important, one is able to  make this part of their lives easier with the best pill dispenser for dementia.

best pill dispenser for dementia

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