Med-Q Medication Clock Timer Prevents a trip to the ER

Using a Smart Pill reminder prevents Mom forgetting Pills problems

Using a Smart Pill reminder prevents Mom forgetting Pills problems

mom forgetting pillsWhat to do when  Mom Forgetting Pills Again is out of control

Is Mom Forgetting Pills Again? First, forgetting life saving medication is no small problem.  Second, more than 100,000 people died last year from medication errors.  Third, almost 10% of hospital visits is from home med errors.  Finally, the cost to US economy, over 250 billion dollars per year,  To sum up, this huge problem can be reduced with these 5 tips.

Invest in a Smart pill organizer with alarm and timer

The old fashion pill boxes that have been around for centuries is now obsolete.  Modern pill dispensers can virtually eliminate home medication errors.  To illustrate, smart phone have medication reminder apps.  New technology has brought a entire new generation of medication reminders.  For example , the MED-Q uses a patent pending design with LITE-BOX technology.  This smart pill reminder actually shows you which pill to take,  The genius alarm will repeat every 30 Minutes util the individual has taken their pills. .

mom forgetting pills
mom forgetting pills

Make an up-to-date  list of all medications and supplements

  • American Nurse Today says, “keep an accurate list of all medications, including generic and brand names, dosages, dosing frequency and reason for taking the drug.”  They recommend this to lower the chances of polypharmac..

Always be sure to get a second opinion

  • First of all, it is a certainty that all health care providers are not the same.  In fact,  there are, some doctors who prescribe medications inappropriately.  For example, they will prescribe in an excess amounts.   Another example, prescribing pills and supplements for unapproved  reasons. If you are  worried about a certain prescription , ask the doctor.  To sum up never be afraid to seek out a 2nd or 3rd medical opinion.

Know what the possible side effect profile of  the medications.

  • Medication may have side effects.  For example, a dangerous drop in blood pressure.  Knowing what potential side effect may happen keeps the user better prepared.  In turn,  this will help you keep on top of any health changes that have happened because of the new pills or combination of pills and tablets.  To illustrate, there is a  change in personal  health , call your doctor immediately.

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smart Pill Reminder

 Some of the different side effects can look like other health issues

  • For example, dementia like symptoms can appear for taking the wrong medication. Again, always have a list of your medications  in your purse or wallet. To sum up,  this will help the health care professional or caregiver properly diagnose the problem .  Again,  this will aid in helping the patient stay away from unneeded or potentially dangerous medications.

Make sure the bottle labels tells you why you are taking the pills

  • Caregiver know that this is important for the elderly.  To illustrate, older adults  are taking 8-12 (US AVERAGE ) prescriptions.  The goal,  know what each medication is for.  Furthermore, seniors need to know how to take them correctly. It can also help caregivers police whether their loved one is being given too many medications to treat the same issue, or whether a less scrupulous provider has prescribed a drug for a purpose it wasn’t intended to treat.

Keep the number of providers and pharmacists to a minimum

  • Senior ought to have a small number of doctors and pharmacies.  Hence, the smaller the  number,  the better for you. In addition, this is also better for the doctor or caregiver who is coordinating the best care. “The primary-care provider and caregiver must have an open line of communication.  Hence, working together to prevent or reduce the risk of  problems.   American Nurse Today has advise senior men and women to “use a single pharmacy to get their prescription medications.  In conclusion,  this will add another level of review.  Another level of review will help ensure appropriate dosage.  Proper dosage will lower the chances of a negative or adverse drugs interactions.

Talk to the pharmacist and be sure to ask lots of questions

  • If you have any concerns at all about the combination of medications you or your loved one is taking, or how a new medication will affect you, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Learn about the potential dosage, proper storage, side effects and anything else that will help you take medications correctly. You should also talk to your provider if you are thinking of stopping a medication.

Tell the Caregiver if there are any known previous side effects

  • This one is not a surprise. This one might go without saying.  Don’t load you medication reminder with pills that caused problems in the past.   If there was a bad reaction to any medication , always tell the doctor , pharmacist  as well as the caregiver.

Having a problem with Mom Forgetting Pills Again?

Using good common sense is the first set.  Second, getting some type of smart pill box or pill reminder with alarm.  Third carry the medication list at all times.  To sum up, take control of your health before your health take s control of you.

smart medication reminder device
smart pill reminder alarm system
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