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MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarm for Birth Control Pills

MED-Q Smart Pill Dispenser with alarm for Birth Control Pills

 MED-Q Smart pill dispenser with alarm is better that the Historic methods of birth control.

Smart Pill dispenser with alarm
MedQ Smart Pill dispenser with alarm

 Hence, no more Crocodile dung, weasel bone and beaver testicles.  Furthermore these are just a few of the substances used in attempts to prevent pregnancy over the mankind’s history. In fact  there is a birth control pill administered by a smart pill dispenser with alarm.  There is finally a pill  that works.

Rabbit progesterone has provided the answer to safe, reliable birth control.

To illiterate , put your pill in a smart pill dispenser with alarm or pill clock and the problem is solved.  Moreover unsafe and dangerous means to end pregnancies have been used throughout history.

med-q smart pill dispenser with alarm

The history of the pill development is surprising.

Wikipedia  Examples:    Syringed themselves with lye or turpentine,   Inserting probes,   Ingested portions of Spanish fly and tansy oil.  In the first palace previous birth control methods, in the form of timing, condoms and diaphragms Therefore it had a very high failure rate. Women were desperate to control the size of their families. Hence no effective method and doctors of the era won’t do anything.

Cost effective birth-control method that would allow sex to be spontaneous has changed the way society functions

In the meantime cost effective birth-control method that would allow sex to be spontaneous.  In this manner it has changed the way society functions.  At the same time birth control pills distributed in a pill organizer has allowed sex without pregnancy. For example a woman can prevent pregnancy without her sexual partner’s knowledge. To sum up, the challenge was to insert the pills in a  Smart Pill dispenser with alarm.  By the same token a smart pill organizer that can be taken safely.

Finally A Smart Pill Dispenser  with alarm allows women to be sexual active.

Smart pill box with alarms
medq Smart pill box with alarms

At the same time it is difficult to relate to the social view points in the 50’s.  To put it another way women being sexually active was considered immoral and pornographic. This being said, Gregory Pincus (inventor of the Birth Control Pill) was ,denied a position at the Prestigious Harvard University for his experiments with in vitro fertilization. It;s true that With $2,000 from Planned Parenthood,  a lab was set up in Worcester, Mass. Accordingly with two other scientists, M.C. Chang and Hudson Hoagland   joined the team. Conversely they began testing female rabbits by injecting them with the hormone progesterone. Subsequently Pincus found that they simply did not get pregnant.

What has Birth Control Pills accomplished

Birth Control Pills allow women to have sex without the fear or possibility of pregnancy following sex. This allowed them to pursue education, careers. In the 1950s, in most of the United States, dissemination of birth control or information about it was illegal because of “obscenity” laws.Automatic pill dispenser with alarms

Pincus needed human test subjects.

Pincus was 100% sure that women would try a new birth-control method, even if it was risky. For 1,000’s of years, women have used risky and dangerous methods to end an unwanted pregnancy. In 1956, progesterone was dispensed to women in Puerto Rico and Haiti. Pincus would stretch “the boundaries of law and ethics” to test on women.

The doctors disregarded the two most important protocols of modern medical research. They didn’t inform the patients of the purpose of the study or warn them of possible risks. The Med-Q pill organizer with alarm proved the pill to be safe and successful. In 1960, the FDA approved the pill in the US.

A Smart medication timer for taking it the same time every day

A smart medication timer or some type of smart pill reminder is needed.  The Pills were initially packaging in a type of pill reminder.  This wheel was not a Pill Clock.  What that meant, mom forgetting pills. Technology has created devices like the MED-Q Smart Pill Timer will ensure proper timing.

A smart Pill dispenser with alarm for birth control gives women new found freedom.  Life for women is easier without the pregnancy worry.  More information can be viewed by clicking on this link or on YOU TUBE

smart pill dispenser
MED-Q smart pill dispenser


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