WHITE — 1 or 2 Daily Reminders

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WHITE — 1 or 2 Daily Reminders

Features and Benefits


smart programmable pill box reminders or electronic pill dispensers with alarms.
  • Personalized Programmable Pill Organizer for any Time, Day or Night
  • Smart Pill Organizer Ergonomic Design
  • The Pill organizer audio alarm features a unique cascading reminder, increasing in volume for 5 minutes before it stops.
  • The audio alarm will keep repeating the 5 minute cycle every 25 minutes until your pills are taken or the next alert is activated.
  • When pressing the next alert button, the alarm will stop, however the individual box will continue to flash for ten seconds to ensure the correct pills are taken.
  • The visual alarm features a LED-LITE-BOX Technology.
  • The LED light will flash in the individual container that needs to be taken eliminating confusion and mistakes.
  • Single beep pill organizer or double beep pill reminder for multiple users in the same household, or 4 dose a day users.


pill box batteries

Powered with 2 AA Batteries

Overall Size:

 1″H x 4.5″W x 8.75″L

Individual Container Size

1″H x .75″W x 1″L

Weight:  11 Ounces Empty

 Over-sized Finger Tip Tabs for Easy Opening

 14 Individual Removable Compartments

 Curved internal angling of Containers for Easy Scooping

 Water Resistant

 Easy to Read Letters and Braille Marking

Container Capacity(each compartment), 23 Full Size Aspirins (325 mg)

MED-Q Smart pill box with alarm

Control Panel

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