Best Automatic pill dispenser for seniors Management

What is the Best Automatic pill dispenser for seniors Management

Comparison: Best Automatic Medication Dispensers.

What is the Best Best Automatic pill dispenser for seniors Management. Elderly Men and Women are taking a combination of different prescription medications.  Hence , the medications are to help manage or cure different health conditions.  other meds are designed to just keep symptoms at bay without a cure. Remembering to take the right meds at the right time is challenging, especially as the number of medications increases over time. Missing doses or taking too many doses can be dangerous.

In fact, Just Plain Better, inc. the makers of the MED-Q Smart Pill dispenser with alarms and flashing guides  states. “10% of all hospital visits are from taking the wrong meds or in the wrong quantities.  An automatic system lowers the risk of s hospital visits due to missed or overdosed life saving prescription medications.

Med-Q pill dispenser alarms for Alzheimer's
Med-Q pill dispenser alarms for Alzheimer’s

Automated Medication Dispensers Provide Seniors with Peace Of Mind

First of all, senior take between 6-8 prescription medications every day (2014 Average AARP).  Second of all, this does not include ant Over The counter pills (OTC).  Finally, using a smart automatic pill dispensing will take the  stress out of trying to remembering to take your pills.  The same applies with the proper dose.  Caregivers can now relax knowing that smart automatic pill dispensers  system will  end forgetting and over dosing once and for all.  A smart medication reminder will also tell you when the next dose is due.  Some will have the  dose ready measured so there is no chance of taking the wrong amount. Others automatic pill dispenser will use flashing guides to show which pills need to be taken.  A good medication dispenser or pill reminder will help to support independence in the senior’s own home.

elderly medication problems solvedCaregivers rely on the Best Automatic pill dispensers for their Loved ones or Medical Patient

For example, family caregivers can know that their loved one has a medication reminder that actually works.  It is a true way of preventing caregiver’s burnout.   Family gets  the  peace of mind knowing that pills will be taken as directed.  Hence, even if they are not there. The individual’s medications are ready to be dosed out at the right time in the right amount. Finally, Some of the best automatic pill dispensers also offer monitoring option.  Theses options are for the caregivers who want to keep a closer watch on their Mom or Dad through the internet.

There are several automated medication dispensers on the market

The best Automatic pill dispenser for seniors Management is a personal choice.  The question,  which one should be chosen? Here are five medication reminders that you’ll find useful.

What is the best automatic pill dispensers ?


Med Cube

MedaCube is an automated medication dispenser that can hold up to 90 days worth of medications. medication dispenser  has been  proven to improve medication adherence.



Automated Dispensing Service is a subscription service

Caregivers or nurses load medications into 60 cups. Depending on the size of the pills.  The pill dispenser is good for up to 40 days.  The daily doses, up to 6.

There is an  alarm when it is medication time. They press a button, and the machine dispenses the right meds.  (it also works on VOIP) and will issue alerts to family or caregivers if the doses are missed


Medy Ready

Doses: Holds up to 28 doses and can dispense 4 times per day. Features: Te basic unit that comes with an AC power adapter, rechargeable battery. In addition , it has a locking lid to prevent double doses.



Doses:  up to 15 types of pill, and dispenses up to 24 times per day. Stores up to 90 days worth of medication (based on size of pill). Handles non standard sized pills (some systems only handle aspirin sized tablets.)

Features:  easy-pour system  so caregivers can pour the pills into the machine.  There is no need to hand sort. The unit works for regularly scheduled medication times and doses. The pill dispenser can  dispense up to 14 days worth of pills into travel packs.  This will aid in medicating when away from home. Caregivers have access to an online portal


MED-Q Medication Management Systems

MedQ Automatic Pill Dispenser for Alzheimer’s is light weight and easy  to handle.  The Pillbox is sturdy so he can’t break it.  To sum up, it uses flashing guides to show the user which pills to take.  The alarm will repeat every 30 minutes until the pills are taken.  Almost mistake proof.







medication dispenser testimonials
MED-Q medication dispenser testimonials
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