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Prescription Medication errors: how they happen, and how to avoid them

Prescription Medication errors: what they are, how they happen, and how to prevent mistakes

Prescription Medication errorsPrescription Medication errors what they are

How they happen, and how to prevent them.   A medication error is a failure to take medication as prescribed.  Furthermore, in the treatment process as well. First of all, this may cause potential, harm to the individual.

First of all,  Medication errors are very common.  It is said by the World Health Organization that up to 90% of men and women make regular mistake with their pills and supplements.  All 90% can benefit from an electronic pill dispensing machine or smart pill box.

  • Prescription Medication errors are preventable. … Prescription Medication errors are  mistakes in prescribing, dispensing and taking medication. They injure 100’s  thousands of men and women  every year . Yet most prescription medication errors are able to be prevented.

Furthermore, other mistake possibilities.  First,  which medicine  has been prescribed.  Second, the exact dosage regimen.  Third, the proper way to take the pills.  Foe example, with food or with liquid.

Health care Professional may make Mistakes

To illustrate,  ineffective prescribing, under prescribing as well as possible over prescribing.  Another example,  writing the prescription up the prescription improperly.  There are even example of  manufacturing errors.  For example, the formulation  has the wrong strength as well as types of contaminants.  There may be misleading packaging.

Mistakes in the prescribing process may come form irrational, inappropriate as well as levels of ineffective prescribing..  Staying away from med mistakes is  a vital component in balanced prescribing.  To sum up, balanced prescribing is  the use of a medicine that is appropriate to the patient’s condition.  Furthermore,  within the restraints that is always there in the uncertainty that comes from therapeutic decisions.  Another example,  dosage regimen that meds an electronic pill dispensing machine or smart pill box. to maximize the benefits.

First, what is a medication? To illustrate, a medication  contains a compound with proven biological effects. Furthermore, this  stipulates that a medicine is one that must be administered to the  person.  There are several reasons for these pills.  First,  to act as  a placebo.  Second,  to help to prevent a disease.  Third, it’s effect to modify a physiological, biochemical or anatomical function or abnormality.  Fourth, to replace a missing factor such as vitamins and mineral,  Finally, the most obvious, to treat a disease.electronic pill dispensing machine

An error

What is an error?  Simpy put, it is ‘something done wrong through ignorance or inadvertence ( a mistake).  For example,  in calculation of a dose.  Another example, mistakes in real time, judgement as well as written prescriptions.  With these definitions in mind, a medication error is often termed “a break down in the treatment process”.  This may cause or lead to patient harm.  This being dais,  ‘treatment process’ involves all medications and supplements that are taken.

Medication errors most often occur in these situations:

  • First, choosing a medication. For example,  it may be rational, inappropriate, and ineffective prescribing,.  In addition, there is the issue of  over prescribing as well as under prescribing.
  • Second, errors when writing the prescription.  Including,  illegibility issues as well as the wrong strength.
  • dispensing the formulation—wrong drug, wrong formulation, wrong label;
  • Mistakes with  taking the pills.  For example, the wrong dose as well as the wrong time. .  The perfect place for n electronic pill dispensing machine or smart pill box.
  • Keeping track of the results of the treatment therapy.  Example, failing to change the treatment when required..

The term ‘failure’ in the definition implies that certain standards should be set, against which failure can be judged. All those who deal with medicines should establish or be familiar with such standards. They should institute or observe measures to ensure that failure to meet the standards does not occur or is unlikely. Everybody involved in the treatment process is responsible for their part of the process.

Negative events and negative drug interactions

First, a definotion.  An adverse drug event is, “Any and all abnormal sign, symptom or laboratory test, or any syndromic combination of such abnormalities, any untoward or unplanned occurrence”  For example,  an accident or an unplanned pregnancy.  If an negative reaction occurs while an individual is taking a drug it needs to be stopped.  First of all, Talk to your doctor immediately. These  adverse drug reaction (ADR) can be deadly. . The name, “‘adverse drug event’ is often  used to describe this. Health care professionals will tell you that this is the wrong term and should not be used.

  • An ADR is ‘an appreciably harmful or unpleasant reaction, resulting from an intervention related to the use of a medicinal product’.

Prescription Medication errors are prevent mistakes

First of all, Prescription Medication errors are preventable.  Taking a proactive stance can greatly reduce the amount of errors  For a medication journal to an electronic pill dispensing machine or smart pill box. helps tremendously.

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