MED-Q Programmable PillBox Alarms

MED-Q Electronic Pill Reminder Alarm for Grandma’s Medications

MED-Q Electronic Pill Reminder Alarm for Grandma’s Medications

MED-Q Electronic Pill Reminder Alarm for Grandma’s Medications uses Cutting Edge Design 

Getting grandma to take their meds can be an ordeal.   Remember, it is important that the take the right pills at the right times.  It is also important to finish the entire prescription.  A smart pill reminder will help finishing the full prescription. Try MED-Q Electronic Pill Reminder Alarm timer with LED LITE-BOX.


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Med-Q Pill Reminder is for People of all ages

Med-Q Smart Pill Reminder alram timer  is a great tool for.  Crushing pills or opening capsules and mixing the contains with a soft ,sweet food makes it easier.  Try things like, peanut butter, ice cream or pudding.  It is very important to check with your doctor first.   Check with your doctor before you do anything.  Crushing pills or opening capsules may drastically impact the effectiveness of the medication. Again, check with your doctor before you do anything.

electronic pill box with timer alarmMed-Q Smart Pill reminder alarm timer prevents Parent’s Stress

It is hard to be patient with unreasonable children.  They don’t understand why the have to eat the nasty stuff.  After the first dose, the will fight you form then on.  Making the pill experience positive, they will take their pills and start feeling better.  The experience will help with the next bought of child illness.  Med-Q Pill reminder alarm timer has been designed to ease the parental burden by making it into a game with flashing and beeping alarms and lights.

electronic pill box with timer alarmTrouble Giving Grandma Meds??

Take the Right Meds at the Right Times.  Did you know ,according to the FDA,  using a smart Pill Reminder can prevent Medication Mistakes leads to 250 thousand deaths Per Year in the US. This is 3rd to Cancer and Heart Disease.  MedQ Smart Pill Box provides Valuable Information and Tips on Our BLOG.   

electronic pill box with timer
med-q smart pill box

Med-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm helps Grandma

Med-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm  HelpsGrandma Remember her Pills. Am I 85 already., when is my birthday?” She said.   Her memory was beginning to get worse and worse.  The old fashion, dumb PillBox she was using was just not working.  Grandma really needs the Med-Q electronic pill box with timer or  a some type of other smart pill dispenser with alarm.  Mom had a condition that has been labeled  AIMM’s (Age Induced medication Mistakes).  This is a normal part of the aging process.

electronic pill boxIt will happen to most people,both men and women.

The rub,  the prescription medication that they are taking are becoming more and more critical to maintain health and well being. Tins will also apply to maintain one’s independence.  Grandma forgetting meds or Grandpa forgetting proscription pills and supplements leads to shocking consequences and sometimes death.This being said, Mom Forgetting Pills is no Small problem.  Hence the need for the Med-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm 

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MED-Q electronic pill box with timer alarm
MED-Q electronic pill box with timer alarm

How big is the Medication Non Compliance Problem

The fact of the matter, the Wall Street Journal has called the medication forgetting problem as “America’s Other drug problem”.  The newest press is coming from the opiod problems that have surfaced in the US.    The need for a electronic pillbox with alarm for Grandma as well as Grandpa can never,ever be understated.

Med-Q Electronic Pillbox with alarm to the Rescue

Grandma forgetting to take her daily ills can be solved with the Simple as well as affordable Med-Q Smart pillbox.  A typical Senior Female who is older than  70 takes 6-7 prescription pills every per day.   This number will not  include any vitamins or OTC Pills (Over the Counter).  Grandma not remembering to to her pills will often make current medical issue worse and worse.   These may actually manifest into some other health issues.  Any type of electronic medication reminder with alarms  or electronic pill dispenser with alarm is needed for Grandma’s prescription pills. Following this further technology has many new type of electronic medication dispenser machines.   In other words, protection for your Grandma and Grandpa. 

Set Your Med-Q Pill Reminder for 1,,3 or 4 daily reminders

med-Q MED-Q electronic pill box with timerAdditionally Telephone Medication Reminder services for Grandma

In addition there are services that will use the telephones for your daily pill reminder.  Following this further, they will actually call you at Medication time.  In fact if Grandma is forgetting medications this service may help.  This being said, it is not that easy for this quick fix to work.  Finally medication reminder phone calls have shown that over 30% of the time grandma  still does not take the medications.

In fact the reason vary from, “I will take them later” to getting distracted and then forgetting altogether. Moreover, Mom forgetting meds can also  lead to over dosing if she is trying to play catch up.  In final consoderation over dosing can lead to a ER visit or even worse.

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Tips for Kids Medication

Kids struggle to take their pills.  Some times the drama can be very entertaining.   the problems start with infants when the spit out the liquid medication and progresses into the teen years with drama.    Your Kids  put up a good fight when it comes to pills.

7 Day Pill Reminder for Alzheimer’s MedicationWhy do kids Fight?

Perhaps because the medicine tastes pretty bad, even with cherry flavoring.   A child does not want to eat something that taste bad.  “A sick child is already in a regressed and emotional state. This may bring up resistance to whatever you suggest,” says Susanna Neumann, Ph.D., a psychologist consultant at Rockefeller University in New York City.  Dr Neumann says don’t fight over pills,  Tell them,  “You may not want to do this now, but after you take it, you will feel better sooner.” Use a flashing beeping pill reminder to make it a game. 

Grandma Forgetting Medication or Grandpa forgetting pills is going to get worse as the get older. 

Point in fact, using a smart pillbox or some type of smart pill dispenser with alarms should be your first decision.    Therefore controlling medication management for mom.   Don’t forget,  Grandma forgetting her medications is not like her forgetting to record a TV show. Point in fact, forgetting to tape a movie does not cause lose of Health and Independence.  Additionally, Med-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm helps Grandma stay complaint.  Lastly,  life saving pills and supplements will work.pill box with timer alarm

smart pill box for mom

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