Med-Q Electronic Pill Box Alarm and timer to the Rescue

Med-Q Electronic Pill Box Alarm and timer to the Rescue

Med-Q Electronic Smart Pill Dispenser is not your Grandma’s old fashion Pill box alarm

Why do loved ones need Smart Pill Box LITE-BOX Technology?

Seniors have a condition called AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes).  One of the reasons a pill reminder is so important.  However, do not confuse AIMM’s with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.   A smart Pill box for elderly men and women makes sure doses are not missed.  To illustrate, seniors will now rely on flashing pillbox guides pill reminder with alarms.  Again, these not only remind the user to take their pills, but the  caregivers as well.  The Amazing MED-Q  pill dispenser has been proven to lower the risk of medication errors.

Med-Q Electronic Pill Box Alarm and timer to the Rescue

Med-Q Weekly Pill Box Alarm to the Rescue. Med-Q Electronic Pill Box Alarm and timer to the Rescue is the simple solution to errors.  Are you helping Care for a Loved one? Above all do you need a weekly pill box alarm? The answer isYes. The shocking truth, over 100,000 seniors died in the US last year form Medication Non compliance. To put this into perspective.  In other words, imagine if you saw two Boeing 747’s crash every day. To emphasize, the same number of people that needlessly die each day from medication mistakes.MED-Q Smart Pill Box with Alarm solves Medication Errors

Why do Seniors Need a weekly Pill box Alarm

A provocative stance in medication management can keep your loved one from becoming a statistic.   The Wall Street Journal calls medication mistake “America’s other Drug Problem“.  The World Health Organization reports that up to 90% of the elderly make regular mistakes with their medication.

Program for 1,2,3 or 4 Daily Reminders

Flashing pill box Guides and Blasting Alarms.Moreover, the  increased rate of medication adherence was well over 92 percent. In fact,  there has been a significant increase in patient medication compliance rates.  First, MED-Q Pill Organizer was created  with senior’s ease-of-use in mind.  Second of all, MED-Q Smart Pill box is user friendly so it is easier to manage. The multiple reminders that will never fail to let users know when it is time to take their medications .  The smart pill dispenser gives a sense of comfort and independence.  MED-Q programmable pill box with alarms allows them to be free of home care facilities or caregivers. Their family members or caregivers, on the other hand, can feel comfortable knowing that their loved ones patients are taking the right medications on time.

To demonstrate, every one knows how easy it is to forget about taking your prescriptions. 

That is to say,  leaving for work or running off to do errand leads to forgetting and over dosing.  However, if one were to add up these errors add up over time you will see how you are jeopardize your health.  Furthermore scientists have discovered that the more you forget your Life Saving prescriptions the more likely you are to be hospitalized.

For this reason We developed Med-Q Pill Dispenser

We don’t want loved ones, and their health care professionals to have to worry  and wonder ever again.  Now you know if  you took your medications. For the purpose of keeping the elderly healthy and not waste their earned money on large hospital bills!smart pill box dispenser alarms

Why we Created a Smart Medication Dispenser with alarms:

People Forgetting to take their doses.  Double Dosing, not sure if you took your pills and taking them again and again.  Take medications as needed, but you neglect to  track the pills or how many you take.  Don’t think  it is necessary to take your pills because you feel better. At the same time your doctor is telling you to take them

As a result of  being stressed out over wondering if your loved one took their pills.
Given that you have a hard time to physically arranging your own meds.  

Med-Q uses a cutting edge, patent-pending design to ensure medication compliance.  

 med-q electronic pill box alarm
med-q electronic pill box alarm

The Med-Q Electronic Pillbox was designed to be able to hold and dispense any and all FDA-approved pills.  Each type of pill is sorted into its own, individual pill box compartment. This will allow you to always be able to manually access your pills. Med-Q Automatic pill Dispenser with alarms is the best Medication Dispenser for Seniors keep track of which reservoir has each type of pill.

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