Electronic pill box with timer & alarm prevents mistakes

Seniors Need an electronic pill box with timer & alarm

Risk of mistakes and other and problems goes up with age

First of all, seniors need an electronic pill box with timer & alarm.  In fact, the need will be mde worse when taking higher doses of medication.  Second, inquire if a lower dose is possible for any of the prescription being taken.  Most care givers will have a complete a medication list .  This will check for possibly negative reactions.  Finally, be sure to remember include any over-the-counter pills as well as other supplements. 

electronic pill box with timer & alarm
MED-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm

Clic to see a online drug interaction checker or ask the pharmacist for assistance.

For example, when a potentially problematic interaction is exposed, let the health care professional know as soon as possible. Furthermore, never,ever discontinue a medication on your own.  The fact of the matter,  this may be dangerous.  Some medications may cost too much. If this is a problem ask the doctor about options for switching to less expensive medication.

electronic pill box with timer & alarm
MED-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm

To illustrate, stopping to take a certain medication that is not working  ought to lower drug costs.  If medication is required for a given problem, such as very high blood pressure, ask if there is a cheaper medication available.  The Pharmacy can offer suggestions regarding less costly alternatives.  In addition, there are ways to adjust the medication regiment.  If taking medications on schedule, be sure to use an electronic pill box with timer & alarm.  To sum up, this pill box will help simplifying and streamlining the daily medication plan.

What if you are taking pills several times a day

Smart pill organizer alarm
MED-Q Smart pilbox alarm

Ask the doctor if there may be a once-a-day option.  Again,  ask whether a drug protocol can be ended, and replaced with  a non-drug treatment.  Pharmacists can can show a safe adjust to when and how the pills are ingested.   Keep the doctors well-informed about your relative’s medications and medication use. 

Two common pitfalls to Avoid

To illustrate, there are often problems and  confusion as to what has been prescribed by other health care professionals.   Many elderly see more than one doctors.  Moreover,  hospital stays can create additional changes to the medication list. Don’t  make the mistake of thinking that the doctors has the most current list.  Their list is  out-of-date.   In fact,  it almost.  To sum up, always have an an updated list every time go to the doctor.  Finally, many opt to bring the bottles along  as well..Be sure not to forget supplements and OTC Pills.

Confusion as to what the older person is actually taking.

If your relative hasn’t filled a prescription due to cost, or isn’t taking a medication for any reason, be sure to let the doctor know this. This is especially important if the older person has had concerns about side-effects.  By implementing some — or ideally all — of the steps above, you can help make sure that an older person gets the most benefit from medications, while minimizing the risks and burdens.

Pill box with alarm & timer
Smart Pill box

The Smart Pill Organizer was designed for the special needs of Early and Middle Stages of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  The Alzheimer’s Association recommends that a Pill reminder should be the first decision for management of prescriptions.  Med-Q Smart Pill isn’t the old auto pill dispenser with lock.

Upgrade to something better than an auto pill dispenser with locks

If you are not using an Electronic pill box with timer & alarm, it’s time to upgrade.  To sum up,  old fashion pill boxes just don’t work. 21st Century technology is an improvement over the old type of pill organizers.  A Smart Electronic pill box with timer & alarm  will surely prevent mistakes.  To Conclude,  using a 21st century pill dispenser, you can get rid of the locks

Watch more Med-Q Electronic pill box with timer & alarm prevents mistakes to Upgrade your old Auto pill dispenser with Lock

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