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MED-Q Electronic pill box with timer & alarm

MED-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm is perfect for Seniors 

The first question to ask, why do you need a MED-Q electronic pill box with timer & alarm?

electronic Pill Alarm Clock
Electronic pill box with timer & alarm

Every week I fix my Dad’s pills box and he still forgets to take his prescription medication correctly.  What  can I use to make it easier for him to remember his pills?  First, prescription medications, as well as (OTC), over the counter medication are vital.  Second of all, if mistakes are made, you are not alone. Furthermore,  all senior men and women forget to take prescription medications. Hence, the need for an electronic pill box with timer & alarm. Seniors suffer from AIMM’s (Age Induced Medication Mistakes). Granted, this problem will get worse as the population ages. In conclusion,  elderly men and women’s list of medications grow.  Furthermore,the days we forget increases. Hence, the need for a smart electronic pill box with timer & alarm.

Taking the wrong dose (non-compliance) can threaten  health and quality of life.

  Obviously, forgetting to take medication or over dosing on pills can be fatal.  However, not using a electronic pill box with timer & alarm leads to dad forgetting to take his pills, Dad forgetting medication and forgetting depression medication. To emphasize, the medical community calls this  “non-adherence”.   

electronic pill box with timer & alalrmA real MED-Q Smart Pillbox success story

First, our Dad never even taken vitamin or supplements.regularly.  Second, even the new idea of taking daily prescription medications was totally foreign to him. Dad started taking a pill for his high blood pressure.  However,  he was  only taking about half of them.  We discovered this when it was time for a refill.   Here is what Dad said, “I only take them when my feet get swollen,  Otherwise I don’t need it.” That is when the problems started.  Hence, he  couldn;t be convinced that they were supposed to be preventative.

Hence the need to take them every day at the same time.

He was just too stubborn to listen.   We have tried all different types pill boxes, medication reminder phone calls and even daily nurse visits. Finally we got a MED-Q medication management System.  The combination of flashing guides and beeping alarms has virtually solve the issues.  This med dispenser is user friendly, not some type of elaborate electric pill dispenser.

The first time it went off, Dad took his pills

Proper medication is the type of safe practice we all were going for.  Dad press the “Next Alert” button and take the pills in the flashing pillbox compartment.

electronic pill box with alarm & timer
Electronic Medication timer for Alzheimer’s

It is worth trying everything you can think of to help your loved one take their medications regularly. Med-Q simple design and operation is the key to medication management.  Hence, seniors living with dementia/memory loss need a smart Electronic pill box with timer & alarm.

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