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The Best Electronic Medication reminder With Alarm Keep Costs Under Control.

The Best Electronic Medication reminder With Alarm Keep Costs Under Control

HEALTH CARE COSTS UP OVER 600%. In the last ten years, wages have increased by less than 35%. Health care costs in the same time period have risen over 600%. You do the math. The MED-Q Pill Dispenser is designed to keep people at home. Staying at home can avoid the huge expensive of assisted living. We have attached a table of costs, State by State.. The Quality of life MED-Q Electronic Medication reminder brings is not easy ?

What Can Be Done To Reduce Health Care Costs?

Med-Q smart pill reminder with alarm. What makes the Best Auto Pill Dispenser with Alarm. Forbes magazine has reported that ” U.S. Health Care Costs Rise Faster Than Inflation”. Costs rise when demand increases relative to supply. This is basic Keynesian Economics. Health care is the same as any other “product” or “service “for sale.health care costs

Samuel Demar, Med-Q Staff writer, asks, “Why Are Health Care Costs Different?”  Accordingly, there are issues in health care that need to be addressed differently. These influence the cost of health care. There are political factors . Things such as social consensus, taxes and increased regulations impact health care costs. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), said the main reason came from the increase in the price of pills, medical device such as an electronic programmable pill reminder. In the same way, this applies to other types of programmable pill boxes and hospital care.

Med-Q smart Electronic Medication reminder

That is the Billion Dollar question. Workers continue to see health care costs jump again in 2014. As a result, average deductible increased over 8%. This made the average deductible in 2015, well over $1,000 dollars according to a Employee health benefits Survey. It was lower in 2015 than past years but it still far outpaced wages for workers.

In the last ten years, the average deductible has tripled. It was $303 in 2006 1,077 today. Data provided by the report from the nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust. reported the average now is just under $1,00 dollars. In contrast, seven times faster than wages have risen in the same period. You can keep health care costs down with med-q Pill reminder.electronic pill box with timer & alarm.

America's Best medication reminder with LITE-BOX Guides and Blasting Alarms

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